Is Psyllium Any Good for Detox?

I first came across Psyllium husks as part of the Robert Grey Colon Cleansing program. The Robert Grey Colon Cleansing is a superb way of gently helping your body detox and can be the first step in any full body detox. The Psyllium husks are powdered and must be mixed with an adequate amount of water. Then it swells up and frankly looks pretty unappealing I must say, but since there is little to no taste, is quite easy toSee More… Is Psyllium Any Good for Detox?

Full Body Detox: What it is and When to do it

A Full Body detox is among the best ways of keeping ourselves vibrant  and healthy and includes other methods such as special diets, herbs, vitamin supplements, natural detox techniques. An important purpose in a full body detox is to restore or replenish our energies so that we do not drag ourselves around at work or at home in an exhausted state. When you feel so tired that you are not refreshed by a good night’s sleep that is a sureSee More… Full Body Detox: What it is and When to do it

What is a Holistic Detox?

Every year thousands of people decide to do a detox. Often this is after some seasonal over indulgence so it forms part of a New Year Resolution. Sometimes the detox is more to do with the damaging effects of industrial toxicity and sometimes it is part of an addiction programme. In each case detox means removing toxins from the body but the methods used vary a lot. You may receive risky treatment by intravenous chelation only (an injection) or takeSee More… What is a Holistic Detox?