After a Diagnosis of Cancer…

Fear is the usual response to a diagnosis of Cancer. Even though other diseases may actually be a bigger threat and Cancer has such a grip on our imagination. The Cancer establishment offers and mandates only 3 ways to respond to Cancer and they are Surgery, Treatment with Cancer causing chemicals and treatment with Cancer causing radiation. It takes a an independent thinker with some courage to withstand the assault by the establishment – they will do their best orSee More… After a Diagnosis of Cancer…

Benzene Poisoning: What To Do if You Are Exposed to Benzene

What smells sweet, is as colourless as water, burns like gasoline and may give you cancer? Well the clue is in the title – it’s benzene. Being part of crude oil and used in gasoline as an anti-knocking agent to make gas aka petrol engines work better, there’s a lot of it about. It’s not just in the oil industry where you can have exposure either. Naturally any occupational connection to transport will provide opportunity for exposure – truck drivers,See More… Benzene Poisoning: What To Do if You Are Exposed to Benzene

Detoxing Your Body

Detoxing is a natural and normal activity of the liver and of other organs and systems in the body. This means that when we wish to detoxify our body we need to take a look at how the body detoxes naturally and then do what we can to assist that process. Some people think because we detox naturally we don’t need to do any detoxing ourselves. This is like saying that because we eat naturally that we don’t need toSee More… Detoxing Your Body

What is the Best Detox Cleanse For You?

With so many different detox systems to choose from it can be confusing to choose what is the right one for you.  So Which Detox System is Best?  Knowing whether to do a fruit detox, water detox or heavy metal detox is important but how do we find out? Maybe what we need is a Detox Scanner of some kind – a little like a health tricorder used with such impressive ease in Star Trek.  Sadly we don’t have suchSee More… What is the Best Detox Cleanse For You?