Is Organic Chlorella The Best Superfood?

We look at a lot of superfoods here at naturaldetoxblog and from time to time we come across one that really stands out.

Chlorella promises to be one such. So let us look at Chlorella and see what is in it and what it can do. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not it is a superfood! And more important whether or not YOU should be taking it.

Chlorella Composition

The obvious place to start is to see how much protein and other nutrients we get when we take Chlorella.

The protein level is striking because Chlorella has 60% or more by weight protein and around 11% fat – mostly a blend of unsaturated oils.

So we know it has high protein content and a range of healthy oils, what else? Perhaps the most striking is the Chlorophyll content.

Chlorophyll carries the solar energy received as sunshine into a plant. It is very valuable high vitality food that can be used when we need an energy upgrade.

It is also a good preventive against anemia since it has significant amount of Iron and vitamin B12.

Chlorella has a full range of Amino acids and it is these that are probably responsible for its ability to absorb heavy metals in the body.

Broken Wall Chlorella

It sounds odd to hear people talking about broken wall chlorella but it makes a lot of sense and here’s why. Chlorella is a plant albeit a tiny plant and the cells are enclosed with a tough wall to protect it. Unless you break the wall around the chlorella you will not get the nutrients inside and you are wasting your money. So check that the chlorella you are buying is a broken wall chlorella

Organic Chlorella

One of the major reasons for using chlorella is to detox and get rid of heavy metals. It makes sense then to buy a brand of chlorella that is organic itself.

Powdered Chlorella

Lots of us like to make green smoothies and other detox drinks by mixing some powdered chlorella in a juicer. Just because it is a superfood does not means that it tastes great and so mixing it with other healthy ingredients such as carrots, cilantro or whey makes a lot of sense.

Yaeyama Chlorella

This is from Japan and grows in pure spring water. It is presented as a powder and is ideal for using in a shake.

Chlorella Tablets

Most chlorella is taken as a tablet. Chlorella tablets are usually quite small and easy to swallow which is good news because if you choose to take chlorella as a tablet you may end up swallowing a lot of them every day. How many? It depends on the brand – some brands make the pills very small and you may have to take 20 to 30 of them daily.

Read the label carefully so you get what you want eh?

Last word – go gently with Chlorella – it is a powerful detoxer. Some people are very strongly affected by it so if you ever try it then take a tiny dose at first and get used to taking it.

Increase your dose gradually.

Some people may experience a “detox reaction” when using organic chlorella such as headaches or even vomiting! This should be taken seriously and not dismissed as a “Detox Reaction”.

Chlorella benefits

For a Detox blog such as naturaldetoxblog the major benefit of taking Chlorella is its reputation to eliminate the toxic or so called heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury from the body.

Chlorella has a reputation of being able to do this but looking a little closer 

  1. Chlorella helps to establish healthy conditions in the gut such as friendly bacteria and the entire health of the body depends on a healthy and well-functioning gut.
  2. It also helps restore insulin sensitivity making it easier to maintain and healthy blood sugar level which helps not just diabetics but all those suffering from hypoglycaemia and metabolic syndrome.
  3. Heart health too  – Chlorella helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides as well to reduce the overall amount of body fat although it is not clear how this works.
  4. Immune Stimulant: A small research trial in Korean shows that Chlorella can act as a stimulant of the Immune system. This could be hazardous in a patient with Autoimmune disease.

    There is little research to back the notion that chlorella is a safe way to remove Heavy metals from the body.

That being the case we have to hold it at arm’s length until Human trials of sufficient size are done

Summing up It’s Health Benefits

Chlorella is the ultimate green food. it is a microscopic plant chock full of chlorophyll so it can carry life force and oxygen into the body. It is high in protein, Essential Fatty Acids and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

It shows much promise when used as part of the treatment of many chronic diseases like diabetes, heart and circulation problems and even cancer. Most of the research so far has been on mice and rats and we can hope for large scale trials in the Future on Humans. Until then we take a risk and there is no way I would advise any of my patient to take Chlorella.

Please, chime in with your experience of taking Chlorella in the comment section and do share this post.


Research Links

Mouse study
Human study

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