Health Benefits Of Cauliflower: Powerful Detoxer, Cancer Fighter and More

Today we focus on a powerful and ancient family with branches all over the world from the New world right through to the Near East. The family is avoided by many and thought of with horror by others!

This powerful family is not the Camorra or the Mafiosi but the Brassicas!

Yup, it is the Brassica family – Cauliflower and its cousins Broccoli, Cabbage Kale and others. They are all wonderful superfoods and closely related but right now cauliflower is in the spotlight.

I hated the Cabbage I was served when I was growing up with all the gusto that a small boy is capable of. In fact I still do – but the Brassica family is a big one with lots of members and I love the rest of them!

The mild taste of cauliflower can easily be disguised by ingenious cooks and sneaked past the suspicious palate of a finicky eater.

Cauli can be mashed, included in soups and casseroles and of course in spicy foods such as stir fries and the Indian dish Aloo Gobi is one of my faves containing as it does both potato and Cauliflower.

The Health Benefits Of Cauliflower are huge so let’s look at those right now…..

Detox and More…

Cauliflower is one of the veggies which has a powerful plant molecule called Indole 3 carbinol or I3C. Many studies have taken place over the years on I3C in “test tube “experiments and in animals and ourselves.

The focus of the experiments was on the ability of I3C to block cancer cell growth and spread. Encouraging results have been found for advanced prostate cancer and in breast cancer. One important result in the breast cancer study was the elevation of a powerful detox enzyme in the liver that blocks cancer cells.

Cauliflower also contains Sulforaphane which of course contains sulphur and helps the liver with part of its detox duties.

Like cabbage, Cauli has a beneficial effect on the lining of the gut and the stomach and in particular protects against the stomach ulcer producing virus – H.Pylori.

Looking at the vitamins and minerals that cauliflower contains one that stands out is vitamin K. This is a widely ignored and neglected vitamin but is vitally important for directing the calcium in your diet.

It is unwise to supplement calcium without taking extra vitamin K2 or the calcium may end up lining your arteries rather than strengthening your bones.

There are a variety of helpful nutrients including quercetin, rutin and beta carotene that boost its antioxidant power.


The mild flavour that will blend with so many sauces and vegetables makes this a versatile and easy superfood to use often in our diet routine. There are so many health benefits Of Cauliflower and it is so easy to cook!

So Is there a place in your diet and your kitchen for this Superfood?

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