Beetroot Juice Benefits For Heart and Head!

When my local health shop has to increase its stock of beetroot juice due to customer demand, I knew something was going on.

Beetroot had clearly been “Discovered”. Not discovered to be a great salad vegetable or to be great – well, grated or sliced or in soups or in sandwiches – yes really I love sliced beetroot and cheese sandwiches!

But great as a news story…

The “Health” pages of some newspapers had “discovered” beetroot and found that drinking their juice was an easy and safe way to lower your blood pressure.

The drop in blood pressure happens pretty quickly and lasts for 24 hours or longer if you drink a large enough amount.

There are other health benefits too.

Most come from a handful of natural plant chemicals such as betaine, betalain and betanin.

And although these plant names sound like 3 wicked sisters from a fairy tale there is at our disposal a whole world of healing here.

Beetroot Juice Benefits to Our Health

OK then let’s look at these “sisters” and please bear with me as we hit some jargon words – I will explain it all and if you want more clarity just ask a question in the comment section at the end, OK?

Betaine– otherwise known as trimethylglycine or TMG – lowers the amount of homocysteine in the blood. I have not gone over the whole homocysteine ( homo + sis as in sister+ teen as in teenager) story on this Detox blog but I will soon.

Simply put it is at the heart of blood pressure and healthy arteries.

Homocysteine is a useful guide to your heart health and lowering it out of the danger zone is one of the most useful and powerful things you can do to boost your health. It is also very easy and betaine helps a lot.

In addition, an interesting study in Bologna, Italy showed good results in treating fatty liver.

Betalain– found in the dark red of beetroot, to be a powerful antioxidant, free radical scavenger and can protect the inner lining of our arteries from harm by oxidation.

Betanin– is a particular version of betalain and is singled out as helping to slow tumour growth. This may be due to its ability to counteract inflammation or simply due to its ability to improve the supply of oxygen rich blood to our tissues.

And that is a whole story in itself.

Beetroot improves blood flow by dilating the arteries. With aging blood supply and oxygen supply diminishes to the brain and so beetroot may be very useful in fighting dementia.

Another effect of beetroot juice is as a natural version of Viagra.

Increasing blood flow is a direct treatment for Erectile dysfunction and increasing blood supply is what beetroot juice does.

I do not know if there have been tests on Asthma patients but it would seem sensible to try beetroot juice and see if it would help get more blood and oxygen supply to the asthmatic patient struggling to breathe.

Beetroot Juice Benefits so many body systems that it is clearly one of the most powerful of all the superfoods and is a major detox drink.

Also its delicious in sandwiches, salads and soups and if you have a garden you can grow them yourself!


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