Omega J8005 Commercial Masticating Juicer, Review

The Omega J8005 Commercial Masticating Juicer uses a low speed of 80 RPM to slowly squeeze fruit and veggies and get healthier and longer lasting juice. The styling is clean and professional and like most masticating juicers has a horizontal auger or screw to squeeze juice from the fruit and vegetables used.


The juicer’s low speed prevents or at least, minimises foaming and heat build up and oxidation of the juice, which means that the juice that you make will not only be delicious, it will also be good for you with the most vitamins and enzymes.


Designed for health conscious individuals looking for more variety in their fruit and vegetable juicing routine, this appliance can also be used for other tasks including grinding coffee, pasta, making baby food, and mincing herbs including wheatgrass.


Product Features and Specifications

  • Commercial masticating juicer
  • Multiple functions juicer, grinder, homogeniser
  • High juice yield through dual-stage juicing system
  • Low speed of 80 RPM
  • Measures 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • 10-year warranty

The Omega J8005 Commercial Masticating Juicer has received a lot of positive reviews from its customers at and it is currently rated 4.5/5 stars.


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The Negative Reviews

The Omega J8005 Commercial Masticating Juicer is one of the most popular juicers to be found at and most of its customers have been impressed with the product. However, some of the reviewers have made critical comments about the juicer, which we will now discuss for the benefit of our readers.


A few complaints have been made about the juicer’s feed tube. It is not as large as other commercial juicers and this means that vegetables and fruits need to be cut quite small before they can be placed in the juicer.


Some of the customers have found this preparation time to be inconvenient, while others have argued that the shorter cleaning time of this juicer makes up for the time that is spent preparing the produce.


It seems that these issues only apply to larger fruits and vegetables; for example, celery and regular-sized carrots will not need to be chopped.


Complaints have also been made about the straining screen and its propensity to become clogged. Particularly pulpy fruits, such as nectarines, have been known to clog the screen, which has resulted in the user having to clean the machine out before continuing the juicing.


One final thing to be aware of is that the juicer can become stained after extensive use.


The Positive Reviews

Despite the negative feedback that we have jut discussed, the Omega J8005 Commercial Masticating Juicer possesses many characteristics that have impressed the customers/owners.


For example, the reviewers have keenly expressed their appreciation for the quality of materials and the design of the juicer.


Some customers have been using it for over five years so it clearly is built to last. The 10-year warranty that allows the user to replace any parts of the unit for free has also made a positive impression on the customer base.


The low RPM of the juicer seems to be an important consideration made by the customers before they purchased. Since investing in this product, they are satisfied that this juicer doesn’t destroy the enzymes of the produce or destroy the nutrients by warming the juice.


Based on the reviews, it is clear that the juicer functions effectively and is easy to use.


Many reports have described that the juicer leaves behind a very dry pulp. Customers have found the machine to be easy to use and have reported that cleaning up is a simple 2-3 minute operation due to the inclusion of the supplied brush.


Other positive comments that have been made include those in relation to the quiet operation of the machine and its compact design.



Would we recommend the Omega J8005 Commercial Masticating Juicer to our readers?


Yes we would and here is why:


Like any other juicer, this one is not completely flawless, but the customer feedback has been very encouraging. Some reviewers have argued that this is the best juicer that they have ever owned and that it is the best available one on the market that costs less than $400. Such sentiments increase our confidence in this recommendation.


If you appreciate the benefits of a masticating juicer over a centrifugal juicer then we recommend that you should consider investing in this easy-to-use product.


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