My Review of the Breville BJE200XL – Its Best Selling Compact Juice Fountain

Breville’s Compact Juice Fountain is probably the most popular Juicer on the planet with thousands of reviews from enthusiastic owners – so what’s left to say?

Well I have yet to add my 2 cents and will follow my unique point of view honed from years of teaching Science at College and more years training in Nutrition and Naturopathy.

No doubt about it, juicers can help you upgrade your health but is this right juicer for you right now?

That question is what I intend to help you decide, so let’s get going and step through my review starting with the Design.

1. Design

The Compact Juice Fountain is a high speed juicer. This one fact helps us understand a lot.

First the blades that shred and grate the fruit and veggies we juice are moving very fast and will work through an apple or just about anything else in a fraction of a second.

Second it will be rather noisy for the short time it takes to juice and Third, it will produce some foam and perhaps a little oxidation in the juice.

Unlike a food mixer there are no rotating blades in a juicer. All you see when you take it apart is a silver looking basket.

The basket is a stainless steel mesh and in the middle is what Breville call the Nutri Disc.

Looking closer at this we see that the base has lines of tiny teeth – just like a saw, and it is these tiny “blades” that do all the work with the power of the 700 Watt electric motor behind them.

All this is whirling around at 14,000 revs per minute so the juice and fibre are thrown outwards by the spinning.

The juice goes through the sides of the mesh and the fibre or pulp goes into a channel or groove or trough around the mesh and builds up there while the juice flows into a jug that nestles nicely against the side of the juicer.

This is in outline how all high speed or centrifugal juicers work and Breville have a number of very nice tweaks to the design which we’ll look at as we go through this review.

2. Materials Used in the Compact Juice Fountain

The Juice Fountain Compact, as Breville call it – to distinguish it from its big brother or sister the Juice Fountain Elite – is made of a clear plastic for the main visible parts and stainless steel used for the mesh basket with titanium reinforced teeth.

There are a few customer complaints that the plastic can become slightly discoloured with exposure to fruit and vegetable juices but the plastic parts are claimed to be dishwasher safe – or rather, “Top shelf dishwasher safe”, so maybe it’s the dishwasher’s fault!

Many users recommend rinsing or washing the Juicer immediately after juicing saying that it makes clean up much easier.

3. Is it Kitchen Friendly?

I’ve just covered the main advice given by owners – clean up before even drinking the juice. If you leave the pulp and juice alone for a while to slurp and enjoy your fresh juice you’ll have to compensate by taking longer rinsing and cleaning the washable parts afterwards.

There is a handy dandy brush specially designed not just to clean the very sharp teeth on the central part of the mesh but the handle of the brush fits into the pulp trough and will help to scoop the fibre and pulp out so it can be cleaned and washed more easily.

Breville recommend using the fibre in the owner’s manual, “Some of the uses of pulp are to bulk out rissoles, thicken casseroles or soups or in the case of fruit, simply placed in a bowl topped with meringue and bake for a simple dessert ” and I totally agree.

However lots of owners simply discard the fibre and lose out on the valuable nutrients.

As to kitchen space, the Compact measures 16½ inches from top to bottom and you’ll need another 6 inches or so if you want to use the Compact on a worktop under a wall cabinet.

However the footprint is really “compact” at 8½ by 9¾ inches.

For a high speed centrifugal juicer the noise level did not seem to be a problem. Although if you want to juice early in the morning you may disagree!

At any rate, it works so fast that the noise of the juicing only lasts a few seconds!

4. What Does it Juice?

The Breville BJE200XL is a general purpose juicer and is pretty good at all the usual fruit and veggies that most people want to use. It is not a specialist juicer and if your thing is juicing green leafy veggies and getting the most juice out of them you may be better off with an Omega J8006 or a Champion juicer. Likewise if you are a fan of Barley grass – you may be better off with a specialist Barley grass juicer – and perhaps a manual juicer designed for the challenges it presents.

But for the huge variety of Apples, Beets, Carrots…right through to pineapples and zucchini – enthusiastic users report having great fun and great success trying out all manner of possibilities with homemade juicing recipes.

5. Where goes the pulp?

The main thing about a Juicer is that is separates Juice from fibre. This is the major difference from a Smoothie maker which mashes fibre and juice together.

In beginner juicers the fibre or pulp is collected by a deep groove around the mesh cutting basket and that has to be emptied and washed after use.

I always pop the fibre into the fridge and use it in stir fried food or soups but others simply put it in their composter.

I truly hate waste!

6. Dimensions

We’ve basically covered this – you may need to check your kitchen if you are pushed for space. It is better to be able to leave your Breville Compact Juicer on the counter where it will remind you to use it rather putting it away in a cupboard possibly to be forgotten. The Breville Compact is quite tall but has a small footprint – some people prefer a horizontal design which may have a bigger footprint but be able to easily slot under a wall cabinet.
Might be time to get the measuring tape out before you go shopping!

7. Accessories

Replacements are available on Breville’s website for the mesh basket – the Nutridisk, for the top cover and for what Breville call the Juice Collector which is where the pulp and fibre collect!

8. Pros, Cons and Consumer Ratings

The Breville Compact gets a very high consumer rating wherever you look – on Amazon, on BestBuy and on the Breville website, Walmart don’t seem to stock it. Overall it is a great first juicer and is ideal for those with little counter space in their kitchen and for the budget conscious buyer who wants a real juicer and not a cheap knock off!

It is not for large families or for people with specialist needs like Barley grass or a focus on Green leafy veggies but is a good general purpose juicer and for that use it can be thoroughly recommended

Now it’s your turn – do you have any experience with this juicer that you’d like to share in the Comment section below or a question I have missed in my review?

9. More Info and Price

Available at Amazon



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