Organic Skin Care

We started on our detox journey with my Top 10 Detox Tips and one of those Detox Tips was to enjoy the simple magic of Detox Baths.

We don’t often realise just how important the skin can be in detoxification. But it is our largest organ and that by itself makes it important.

Add to that that skin has millions of channels and sweat glands and excretes oil and you have a major detox organ.

But often we stop it working by accident!

We stop it working accidentally when we use of standard cosmetics, we stop it working when we use most personal care products which often are usually loaded up with powerful and dangerous toxins.


Many cosmetics are dangerous and are not covered by the laws that regulate our foods because we usually fail to realise that what goes on the skin goes into the body.

Here is a simple Detox rule for you – if it is not safe enough to eat then it is is not safe enough to put on your skin.

And especially on the skin of children!

Mothers and other carers innocently using dangerous products on their kids makes my blood run cold.

And then hot!

It’s an outrage!


Organic Skin Care books

Possible product brands details coming soon!

100% Pure

Physician’s Formula


Detoxing your body is essential in this heavily polluted environment that Big Business and Big Farming has produced. We know that our food is sprayed with toxic chemicals but  our homes are further polluted by the chemical fumes from our cleaning products.


Our homes are polluted by the chemicals and fumes of our cleaning products

How’s that for irony?

But polluted skin care and personal products with dangerous chemicals is a step too far and got me steamed up when I wrote an issue of “Dear Detoxer” to my subscribers.

So this page is my Resource for Non Toxic or Organic Skin Care, Cosmetics and Personal Care products. I want to keep it up to date and fairly brief so please add your info in the comments below and if it’s going to be useful to others I’ll include it.



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