No Deaths from Supplements and 225,000 deaths from Hospitals

Got an email this morning from Andrew Saul the author. He edits the Orthomolecular News – in other words how to use vitamins and other natural nutrients to help keep us Healthy with safe natural medicines. In the email he shares some disturbing facts collected by the Poison Control Centre of the FDA and I share them here not to make you feel worried but to help you make better decisions about the health of yourself and your family…

There were many thousand phone calls from people concerned about taking supplements That high number surprised me but hold on for a second

275,000 supplement phone calls, and not one death.

And over the same period there were

225,000 hospital-caused deaths, and nary a ripple of concern in the media.

And to give some sense of the scale of this death rate Andrew Saul supplies some data from history that may be as surprising to you as it was to me…

During the First World War, 300,000 men charged artillery and machine guns at Verdun and died in the mud. In WWII, there were 750,000 dead from the battle of Stalingrad. Just those two horrible battles add up to a horrendous one million dead. Not wounded; dead.

American hospitals kill well over a million innocent civilians every five years. Not phone calls; funerals.

In the US, the 225,000 hospital-caused deaths every year make hospital care the 3rd largest killer in the US.

Thanks to the Orthomolecular News Service for permission to reproduce this info

Further reading on this

(Starfield B. Is US health really the best in the world? JAMA. 2000 Jul 26;284(4):483-5. )

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