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big piles of yellow sulphurMSM is  a supplement that has been around for years and periodically pops up due to great reviews of its results. The initials msm stand for Methyl sulfonyl methane and the middle name “sulfonyl” gives the game away – the key ingredient in msm is sulphur aka sulfur.

In a nutshell MSM is sulphur dressed up to be stable and able to be used as a mineral supplement so the obvious question is…..

Who Needs Sulphur? 

The answer to that question is probably, “All of us”. A short quote from Dr. Carl Pfeiffer may serve to put sulphur in context

Every cell in the body contains sulphur, but the cells that contain the most are the cells of the skin, hair and joints. The horny layer of the skin, keratin, has a high content of sulphur as have the fingernails, toenails and hair. From Mental and Elemental Nutrients, pub.Keats.

If every cell in the body has sulphur then every cell in the body needs sulphur. The point for Detoxers and health enthusiasts is whether we get enough sulphur in our foods – because, if not then we need to consider taking MSM or some other sulphur supplement so that we satisfy that need.

Seen any Sulphur?

Well we find sulphur in the water at mineral springs, spas and wells. When the Romans invaded Britain they found natural mineral springs at the town that came to be called Bath. These springs came from deep underground aquifers where the water containing sulphur is heated geothermally.

Likewise at Epsom in Southern England springs containing sulphur and other minerals were found and were a major tourist attraction. Epsom Salts are mostly magnesium with small amounts of sulphur.

Where we don’t find sulphur is in any area that was covered with glaciers during the last ice age. When the glaciers retreated they scraped and scooped up most of the soil leaving it devoid of many vital minerals – including sulphur.

So while it is true that we can get sulphur from various foods such as onions, broccoli, and legumes our foods cannot get minerals from the soil that are not there!

Luckily some farmland is enriched with Sulphur by farmers as a special fertiliser, calcium sulphate.

It may be that some people need a sulphur supplement to supply extra sulphur for their particular needs. In particular, if you have poorly formed nails or skin you might benefit from a sulphur supplement.

Health Benefits of MSM

  1. Allergies– msm has proven effective at rapidly terminating allergy symptoms
  2. Acidity- symptoms of hyperacidity in the stomach responded promptly to use of msm
  3. Arthritis pain and restricted mobility much helped. Pain and swelling were both reduced significantly.
  4. A more surprising result was that msm was found to treat constipation successfully.
  5. And concerned owners have been quietly helping their pets – cats, dogs and horses with their arthritic pain by mixing msm into their pet’s meals.

gorgeous yellow sulphur crested cockatooClearly msm benefits joints, hair and skin and so does glucosamine and chondroitin. The common factor here is the sulphur content and the ability of each of these nutrients to deliver sulphur to the body.

The main use for MSM at least at present is to treat pain, swelling and stiffness due to arthritis. Along with other supplements chondroitin and glucosamine it carries sulphur and supplies it to where the body needs it.

Other uses seem intriguing and I would not be surprised to hear of more ways of using msm.

How To Take MSM

We’ve mentioned sulphur being in Epsom Salts and bathing in Epsom Salts will result in some of the sulphur being absorbed. Most people wanting to benefit from msm are going to take a supplement.

MSM is available as a powder and in capsules and tablets.

The taste is often reported as being rather strong and users either disguise it with fruit juices or take it in a capsule.

Have you used msm? Will you, now that you know of how useful it can be?

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