How Vitamin B Benefits the Whole Body

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Vitamin Jargon

In the discovery of the group of vitamins we now call vitamin B or B Complex, researchers looked at both the health of people and animals and birds.

But now we even have some fascinating experiments by the science staff at USC on how vitamin B is important for Marine life too.

Before we look at that lets’ do a quick “Round the block” on the B vitamins and what they do for our health and then share the latest story on how vitamin B benefits not just ourselves and our families but oceans too…

B vitamins are often given numbers just to make things clearer, after all B1 is a bit simpler than thiamin, B2 than Riboflavin and B12 is much simpler than hydroxycobalamine!

So here we go…

B1 – is essential for energy production in the brain. If you can’t concentrate maybe some extra B1 would help…..

B2 – this is about energy production in your cells from your food and about the regeneration of glutathione –


Glutathione is what recycles all that nice vitamin C you take and helps you get more out of it. So protecting it and recycling it is major good news and B2 does exactly that, OK?

B3 – is massively important for your circulation and heart health. It lowers LDL and raises HDL cholesterol, lowers triglycerides and fibrinogen.

This is super powerful just for a simple vitamin!

B5 – is an Anti-stress vitamin. It gives your adrenals and probably I should say your poor battered adrenals some much needed support.

B6 – boosts hormone balance, and immune function which is great for PMS.

And we’ll briefly look at a couple of B vitamins without a number…..

Biotin – Helps Amino acid and fat metabolism, it also increases glucose sensitivity something those of us who need to lose weight seriously need, it also strengthens nails and hair.

Folic acid – lack of folic acid raises your risk of a heart attack and lack of this in pregnancy leads to neural tube defects in the baby and yet this is most common vitamin deficiency in the world.

Of course the vitamin naysayers will tell you that we don’t need to take extra vitamins because they say that, “we get what we need from our food”.


If that was true there would not be any vitamin deficiencies, no babies born with neural cord defects, nobody with poor nails and skin; nobody with too much stress and all of us with fully optimised immune systems and tons of energy.

Fact – The only real issue is how much extra we need.

First of all its probably best to go with what I call a “B 50” – this is 50 mg dose of the main B Complex vitamins with smaller amounts of others such as B12.

And if that gives you the change you want then that’s the dose for you and if it does not then try 2 of the B50 tablets a day rather 1.

If that does not do it I would not push the dose higher but think again!

Really high doses are rarely needed – usually you just need a slightly different approach.

BTW Adding a cleanup of your diet with dropping sugar, sodas and junk food is only going to help!

How about the Marine life Story Alex?

Tiny plants in the ocean also need vitamin B.

showing an algal bloom off southern coast UKSome parts of the ocean have less vitamin B than others. Research was done into whether it was in these places that the famous algal blooms spread out.

The blooms are big outbreaks of algae in the ocean – A bit like acne breakouts on the faces of teenagers!

The research so far shows that run off from farms may feed the break outs. It could be that B vitamins may play their part too although whether this would help prevent the algae or power it’s growth is not clear at present.

So I’m not sure whether we need to sprinkle some B vitamins on the ocean or not but we certainly need to take our own vitamin B supplement.

In case you’d like some help finding good vitamin B supplements I have found a few high quality examples and put links to them below.

Even if you take a multi or combo vitamin product you will almost certainly need to boost the tiny tiny amount of vitamin B in it with a good B complex like this because you can’t get a decent amount of vitamin B into a general multi – there just isn’t enough room in the tablet.

Vitamin B benefits so many body systems to think that it is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world and it is so easily fixed is quite startling.

Here are some good options at Amazon…

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