Is Gerson Therapy the Ultimate Detox System?

Blue Bpok Cover Cancer Therapy by Dr Max Gerson
Personal copy of Cancer Therapy by Dr Max Gerson

Max Gerson developed his healing approaches from his daily experience of helping many of his patients heal from chronic diseases such as TB – a disease which is now associated with third world countries and is retreating as development spreads and poverty and malnutrition are tackled.

But it was common and very serious throughout Europe only a hundred years ago so there were plenty of patients coming to Gerson and plenty of time to experiment with different cures.

He developed and continued to refine a dietary approach which was very unusual at the time. The bulk of the diet he recommended consisted of fruits and vegetables both cooked and raw and fresh juices.

“All vegetables may be used. Especially recommended for their mineral content are carrots, peas, tomatoes, Swiss Chard, spinach, string beans, Brussels sprouts, Artichokes, Beets…”

Sounds like what I call a Superfood diet and together with the daily juices will prepare the body for deeper and specific detox techniques.

A modern day Doctor who uses an updated Gerson Therapy is Patrick Vickers who shared some of the details on The Market Traders website, in this video.

Gerson’s book from which the quote above was sourced is here on Amazon and Dr.Vickers’s clinic is here.


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