Blood Tests To Check the Heart

Please see the post about Vitamin E before you order any tests on your cholesterol. Your cholesterol numbers do not matter unless you understand the points in that short article.

The C-Reactive Protein Test

What we all need is a test on the inflammation in the bloodstream. This is the most important metric in the body. If your level is high then your anti-inflammatatory supplements and medications are wanting and you need a consultation with someone who can optimise them with you.


"Please note that there are two CRP tests. The one that is needed MUST BE specified to the lab as H.S.C.R.P., which is high-sensitivity cardiac reactive protein test. This is crucial as it is measured in mg/L with a range of <1.0 mg/L being a low relative risk for "cardiovascular disease events" to >3.0 mg/L being a high relative risk.  Now, the regular test, CRP, is measured in ml's. Thus if your results came back showing that your result is .3 you look great and are considered low risk.  But, if the lab measured CRP and not hs-CRP than the number is actually 3.0 which is not good.

Since many MDs are still unsure of their positions on chronic inflammation, they often order the wrong test without realizing it. So, be on your toes and always try to know more than your doctor" "

To order your test you have a choice of provider. Please check to see if any of this can be done with your own health care professionals or insurance but here are some possible providers.

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