New Light On The Importance Of Breakfast

blueberry quinoa breakfastDid you have a healthy breakfast today? I had my usual bowl of oatmeal porridge with a dab of coconut oil, served with goats’ milk and honey.

Add to that a small slice of raisin bread with some Feta cheese. O yes and a cup of a Celestial Seasonings tea – the one called Tension Tamer.

Sounds healthy but I’m not so sure now.

Here’s why…..

I’ve just read of a study on “Obese Adults” –that’s most adults I guess, in which substantial weight loss was achieved by eating a high calorie and high carbohydrate breakfast.

The basic design of the study was to try out 2 diets each with 1600 calories daily but which had different eating patterns to see which was best for weightloss.

For women the calories were split into breakfast, lunch and dinner as 600, 600, 400 as against 300, 600,700.

Simply put – big breakfast and small evening meal against small breakfast and big evening meal.

So what happened?

Both groups lost weight. But the “Big breakfast” group lost 45 lbs. over 8 months while the “Small breakfast” group lost 8 Ibs. There were other findings too but right now I want to stick with the weight loss.

That’s a surprise, so where does this lead us?

First of all it shows that you can lose weight by eating the same amount of food as you do now. It also confirms the traditional view of the importance of breakfast

Does this Study mean that dieting is “Dead”?

I don’t think so. What it means is that there is a lot more to weight loss than calories. I would go a little further and say that counting calories by itself is a waste of time, but the point here is about timing ie when in the day do we eat.

We are used to eating a small breakfast or no breakfast, having a rushed lunch and a big meal in the evening where we can catch up, calm down and relax.

This pattern or rhythm does not work and is a recipe for weight gain!

The old saying, “Breakfast Like a King, Lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper” comes to mind and fits this research and other research too.

There is another part of the puzzle too – it is not just about when to eat your calories but on the balance of the meal we eat – whether it is a protein rich or carb rich meal.

This is a whole ‘nother story but simply put when should we eat our protein and when our carbs?

I’ll come back to this question again but till then think of your own eating pattern – do you breakfast like a King or Queen? What’s your opinion of the importance of breakfast?


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