Hot Yoga and Toxins

yoga on the beachI started reading about and then practising Yoga around 1966. At first I was intrigued by what to me looked like some pretty odd pictures and somehow got drawn in and did what every book tells you NOT to do which is learn the Yoga Exercises from the books. As time went by moved my Yoga Practise to Meditation but still did some asanas.

That’s been the case ever since. When I heard of “Yoga in a Hot Room” I thought it sounded absurd frankly. Yoga is balance, it is a spiritual disciple and not a physical one. The only reason that Millenia ago the exercises were created was to give those people doing a lot of meditation every day a simple way to keep healthy.

This is a Detox blog and we discuss and share a ton of information on toxins. If Yoga was great for detox I would be shouting it from the rooftops. If hot rooms are your thing then do a sauna or a Turkish bath. Yoga is for keeping you cool, not making you hot!

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Alex Newell ND

I'm Alex Newell and I am a Physicist who retrained as an Osteopath and Naturopath when my own health began to decline in my 30's. In fact I kept training and asking questions and began writing books and blogging over the last few years. The purpose of this blog, is to help those with an interest in Natural Health Care to improve their health and detox and chelate industrial chemicals out of the brain and body in a safe and effective way. Please feel free to ask questions and contact me

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