Good Bacteria: Are They Vital To Our Health?

an electron microscope photo of TB bacteriaIf you thought that all bacteria were nasty disease causing little monsters then stick around because you are going to learn something important today which will protect and improve your health massively.

But before we start here is a very short quiz – answers at the end of the page (don’t cheat will you?)

Quick Quiz !

Bacteria are always harmful to us – Yes or No?

Antibiotics are always good for you –Yes or No?a

Babies are born sterile with no bacteria in their gut, Yes or No?

That’s all – let’s get going now…..

Bacteria have always been with us. They are on our body and in the body too. Funny then that we mostly regard them as hostile. Maybe it is due to the climate of fear and hysteria in the media about one type of bacteria or another which will soon wipe us out unless we get this jab or that jab.

The jabs of course mean that the pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money. Doctors too!

So it suits the media, Big Pharma and the medics to have you frightened of bacteria.

But if you like natural Medicine you may well be rather suspicious of the hype and hysteria about Swine flu, Bird Flu and tons of others I don’t even get to hear about.

There are of course some (bad) bacteria that can harm us – but we have a few billion bacteria living in our intestines who feel very at home there and the harmful bacteria intruding on their territory are treated as invaders and a battle happens.

When our “friends” win as they nearly always do, we win.

These invasions happen all the time and we usually don’t even notice the protection we get from our “Good bacteria”.

Fact is that nearly all bacteria are either “friendly” to us or could not care less – they don’t notice us at all. A very tiny percentage of bacteria may try to cause us harm and they almost always fail.

Keeping healthy is partly down to eating well – we all know that.

Part of the reason is that we effect the health of our little friends in the colon by what we eat. You know in pregnancy a woman is “eating for 2” – well in truth we are all eating for several million because all of what we eat ends up going past our little friends and they get to munch on what was our lunch.

By what we eat and drink we influence how well the organs of the body work. Alcohol damages the liver and the stomach, eating oils like the omega 3 fatty acids is good for the brain and the skin.

And so on…..

Well the more vegetables we eat the greater supply and variety of fibre we have for the good bacteria. And when we help them to thrive they help us.

For example, apples supply a type of fibre called apple pectin, oats have different types of fibre – soluble and insoluble and of course yogurt supplies good bacteria directly because real yogurt has live acidophilus and other varieties of live bacteria.

Quiz Answers

“No”, “No” and “No”…..and here’s why….

So nearly all bacteria are our buddies –very small buddies I agree but friends are friends. Anti-biotics will generally wipe out not just a harmful type bacteria but our bacterial buddies too. And that may leave us wide open to infection by other harmful bacteria.

Antibiotics are OK if you are seriously ill but they have been given out like candy by Doctors for years. That means that they have lost nearly all of their power.

Such a stupid and reckless abuse of a useful tool is unprofessional in the extreme but what else did the Doctors have to fight infection?

Surely you don’t expect them to use herbs and high doses of vitamin C – that would be bad for profits!

Good for patients and bad for profits –obviously a bad move for the “profession”.

Last word on antibiotics.

Useful tools they might be when used prudently, they are also being abused not just by Doctors but by the veterinary profession and by farmers.

Unless you are careful to buy organic or raw milk you can expect to be drinking antibiotics given to the cow by the farmer. It is not that the cow was ill then “needed” an antibiotic – farmers use them because they cause the cow to put on weight.

Whatever the reason the farmer has, the cow antibiotics will be acting on your intestines any time you drink “regular” milk. That is a major reason for choosing organic milk!

A Good bacteria found in Yogurt - good bacteria Streptococcus ThermophilusOr raw milk where available.

Talking of milk how about babies? Not the time right now to discuss breast feeding and bottle feeding but babies are in a very special situation.

Until very recently it was thought that babies were born with no bacteria at all – except that picked up during birth. Well it turns out that we are born with our own “starter culture” of bacteria and that is then modified by how we are fed.

The bacteria in a babies gut is different to ours and there are special supplements designed to protect and encourage the correct bacteria.

Yogurt and vegetables and raw foods are not just, “good for you” in a vague and nice way, they condition the gut and help our gut bacteria and tune up our immune system as a result. The gut bacteria play a major role in protecting us from harmful bacteria and yeast and in detoxing some of the chemicals found in the colon.

That is why yogurt and other gut friendly foods are called “probiotics” – they work with life and health and not against it like the antibiotics.

And all we have to do to get all this is eat some yummy yogurt (plain not fruit) and munch some apples and veggies.

How easy is that?

Photo credit

Top TB Bacterium

Bottom Yogurt Bacteria

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