Epsom Salt Bath For Detox

Epsom Salts well courtesy Bourne Hall Museum
Epsom water was avoided by animals but people drank it anyway. The cloudiness seen here shows the high mineral content and needs to be experienced by bathing and soaking in it, NOT by drinking it. The animals were right!

I have used Epsom Salt as part of a Detox for many years. It is safe and pleasant and simple enough to use regularly as a normal part of self care.

There are 2 ways Epsom Salts have been used. One I recommend and one I do not!

When Epsom Salts were first discovered as a natural spring in Epsom in Southern England animals avoided the water so the locals carefully tried drinking the water to find out why.

Well, they found out pretty quick!

Usually the result was to vomit the entire contents of their stomach, and sometimes the salts gave them the “runs”.

You’d think that this would die out pretty quick, but no, it turned into a craze. An entire industry formed around “Talking the waters” at Epsom and guest houses and businesses sprang up to cater for the influx of tourists.

Taking the salts by mouth is not recommended! If you are constipated then the best remedy is vitamin C at “high” doses, most people only get a few measly milligrams of vitamin C each day from their diets and supplements and they should be taking a few grams, typically 3 or 4 grams every day – it varies from individual to individual.

The vast majority of the population are in deep vitamin C deprivation and that single fact is responsible for many health problems – constipation being one of them.

Taking an Epsom Salt bath is the way I use Epsom Salts and I highly recommend it.

All you need is a cupful of Epsom Salts. I used to use more but frankly it is a waste of salts. Optionally add quarter or half a cup of baking soda.

That’s it – it is the simplest Detox techniques you can use as much as you like that actually works.

Timing – put the salts in a comfortable hot bath and relax in it for as much as 20 minutes. Do not stay in the bath for longer because the relaxing effect of the salts is so powerful that you may difficulty getting out of the bath.

Please do not use any soap or bubbles or any other ingredients at this time or you will interfere with the action of the Salts.

There is magnesium in Epsom Salts which acts as a powerful relaxing agent so this is good routinely and in case of stress, tension or aches or pains.

There is also sulphur in the salts which when absorbed by your skin helps the liver in its work of detox.

Summing Up

For an Epsom Salt Bath you need

  • A bath or footbath
  • One cup of Epsom Salts and (optionally) half a cup of baking soda
  • 20 minutes to relax and a few minutes to rinse off afterwards.

Especially recommended just before sleep!

Not many detox techniques can boast to be safe, simple, easy, enjoyable and effective but an Epsom Salts Bath can so try this out and let me know how you get on!

Note – even though you are not using Epsom Salts as an oral medicine, not if you take my advice anyway, it is best to get the “Pharmaceutical grade” of purity. Some Epsom salts is sold at household grade and while this may well be OK I’ve always gone for “medical grade”. This is shown on the label as BP in the UK, USP in the US, EP in Europe and a similar abbreviation elsewhere.

Second point for savvy buying – rather than buy small boxes or bags from Pharmacies get a bulk order instead and you will be amazed at the price difference and the savings you will make.

You can try Amazon for this or just contact a bulk chemical supplier directly – ask them if they do pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate and do they deliver? They will have a minimum amount – some suppliers will not in small quantities like a 100 pounds or 50 kg but you’ll find that some will, so persist because it’s worth it.

Photo Credit Courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

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