Do you Follow the Low Carb High Hype Diet?

slice of whole meal bread with a smile cut into it What is the healthiest diet? Just ask the question and duck, because you will be assailed from all sides with opinions.

And it is not just opinions – we are told that studies show this and studies show that and we can end up not knowing what to eat to best boost our health.

Dr John McDougall discusses this dilemma in a video below and he focusses on the reality of large populations across the world doing well on diets of wheat, corn, barley, rye and rice and the modern love affair with the Atkins diet and its current presentation as the so called “Paleo” diet.

I have provided some screen shots from the video which may be useful but by all means scroll right by them and watch John McDougall video.

We start with a slide showing a recommended high carb diet from wheat,corn, barley or rice.

pie chart showing amounts of carbohydrate, fat and protein in a high carb diet

And compare this kind of lifestyle and eating pattern aka “diet” with an Atkins style / Paleo distribution of carbohydrate, fat and protein

pie chart showing the amounts of carbohydrate,fat and protein in low carb diets

We then turn to the evidence of large well conducted research studies which all show that plant based high carbohydrate diets lead to less disease and a longer life.


Ignoring the Evidence

Study 1

Annals of Internal Medicine 2010

Study 2


from the british medical journal 2012

Study 3

PLoS one 2013



The Rice Diet

Created and tested by Dr Walter Kempner



composition of the rice dietFor extra info read

Walter Kempner and the Rice Diet: Challenging Conventional Wisdom


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