Skin Detox – Step By Step

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Skin Detox

Most detox programmes focus on the colon or the liver both of which are crucial for our health. But with so much interest in Detox and Cleansing it is natural to want to be able to detox your skin.

The skin is the biggest organ of the body and like the liver and the colon it is a detox organ. It excretes toxins by sweating and can absorb them too by contact because the skin can absorb small molecules from patches such as a nicotine patch. And it’s not just nicotine but other small molecules some of which are toxins and pollutants and some of which are medicines that can get into the body via the skin.

So how do we do a skin detox? Here are some steps…

We can start with a Clay bath.

Before you start thinking of wallowing in mud like a hippopotamus this is special and selected fine French clay I have in mind. All we need to do is put a small handful of clay in the water of a comfortably hot bath and enjoy the relaxing effect. That’s all, no soap, no bubbles– just fine powdered clay.

After, say, 20 minutes just rinse off under a shower and your skin will have been thoroughly and ever so gently cleaned.

Feed Your Skin

Your skin needs nutrients just like your bones, nails and hair do and the major secret for improving the health of all these is vitamin C.

A few milligrams in a broad spectrum multivitamin does not have enough firepower to get the job done so if you want healthy skin make sure you take at least one gram a day of vitamin C.

This is easy and powerful and one pill gives you many times more than you’ll get from an Orange or several  glasses of Orange juice.

Other nutrients matter too. Sebum is a natural oil that is produced by small glands deep in the skin. Excessive oiliness can contribute to acne as can overproduction of outer layers of the skin, again conditions conducive to acne.

Vitamin A keeps sebum in check and vitamin D keeps skin production in check. So if you lack proper amounts of these basic vitamins you are opening the way to acne and to a poor skin condition – what you might call junk skin or toxic skin.

This is part of the reason why your diet is part of having healthy skin – it provides the crucial vitamins your skin needs. The tiny doses provided by cheap multivitamin tablets are simply inadequate! Sorry to repeat this, I am trying to make a point!

At this stage your skin is cleansed and nourished – now you are ready for the detox.

Detox Herbs are the real nitty gritty detoxers. Whether you take them in a concentrated programme of special diet, herbal formulas and other special detox techniques or whether you want a simple detox tea to drink for a mild detox is totally up to you.

But a simple and high quality detox tea that works for the skin is called “Skin Detox“, it is one of the Yogi range of herbal teas.

Like most herbal traditions this tea is a blend of synergistic ingredients all acting as a team with a single purpose – to Detox your skin.

Here are the ingredients – Burdock Root, Cardamom Seed, Dandelion Root, Green Tea Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Honeybush, Orange Peel, Oregon Grape Root, Red Clover, Rose Petal, Stevia Leaf, Yellow Dock Root, and Natural Flavours

This is not just a “nice tea” – there are some major detox herbs here –Burdock, Dandelion,Red Clover etc. stand out so this will work on your entire body too and not just the skin.

More Techniques For Skin Detox

skin detox words One of the very best techniques to detox might get you rolling your eyes but hear me out first eh? it is a Home Sauna and I do not mean a purpose built cabin or cabinet but a low cost self-assembly unit that folds up and can be put away in a cupboard after use!

I have not used one of these yet – I saw them on Amazon when doing a search for something. 

Having your own sauna that you can put up in your bedroom or lounge and watch TV for 15 minutes whenever you want is super way to boost your entire health and not just detox your skin.

If your local gym has a sauna then check that out too but limit your time in the sauna to a few minutes at first and build up slowly. This is a powerful technique and should be treated with respect.

Have I covered all the methods we could use to detox your skin? No but I have covered the main ones and any you’d like to add just ask me in the comment section and I’ll see what I can do, OK?

Alex Newell ND

I'm Alex Newell and I am a Physicist who retrained as an Osteopath and Naturopath when my own health began to decline in my 30's. In fact I kept training and asking questions and began writing books and blogging over the last few years. The purpose of this blog, is to help those with an interest in Natural Health Care to improve their health and detox and chelate industrial chemicals out of the brain and body in a safe and effective way. Please feel free to ask questions and contact me

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