Detox Drinks – Can They Deliver the Detox You Want?

cup of herbal teaDetox drinks are one of the important tools that you can use to detox your body. Whether you want to lose weight or to remove heavy metal toxins or just to do a normal natural health detoxification, detox drinks can be used – although there is no guarantee they will work by themselves.

Detox is a process and is very individual. The natural ability of the body and in particular – the liver and the kidneys to process and remove toxins from the body depends on individual genetic traits and your lifestyle. For each person there may be some detox drinks that work well and others that are simply not needed or just don’t work.

Detox drinks come in many different ways so we’re going to cover fruit juices first…

One of the first detox remedies people turn to is a blend of freshly juiced fruit. The most common is lemon juice but many berries and luscious fruits are used. Sometimes this is done purely by taste and enjoyment and that’s fine. It may not help to explicitly to detox though – although fresh juices especially if they are organic, that is, unsprayed will be nutritious and may contain a good mix of bioflavonoids, special types of fibre and vitamin C.

The next type of Detox drink is Green juices and Fruit Juices

Beetroot and Ginger juiceNow we’re talking! It’s hard to get kids or even many adults to “Eat their greens” but it’s pretty easy to drink your greens. The strong characteristic taste of greens can be disguised by putting some sweet fruit into the blender along with the greens. This can be as simple as using apples or berries or simple blends like carrots and greens.

Common sense has to be used with sweet juice drinks and if you are diabetic or hypoglycaemic proceed with caution and preferably with professional guidance from a Naturopath or Nutritionist.

Detox drinks: Herbal Teas

Detox teas are made from herbs that support the liver or the kidneys in their daily work of detoxing the body. The herbs used will reflect the views of the herbalist who produced the blend. Some can be bought at local health stores and are fine for a short program lasting a few days.

For a longer or more thorough detox a Naturopath or herbalist should be consulted because your overall state of health is what is driving the detox and your particular detox programme must always fit your state of health.

If you are very weak or stressed you may need a period of nourishing and a regeneration programme BEFORE you start detoxing.

Why is that?

Because detox needs energy and it always needs extra nutrients and puts a bubrden on organs which may be stressed already.

Many herbs can be used – either the leaf or the root depending on the herb..Typical detox teas can be made from dandelion, milk thistle, artichoke or licorice.

Detox with herbal tinctures

Some people find the smell of simmering roots really unpleasant and in that case the herb can be bought in tincture form. A tincture is easy to take and has little odour. The herb is steeped in alcohol and some of it dissolves. Typically tinctures are used is small doses and require no preparation at all– unlike a tea. They are very convenient because they are sold in small bottles which can easily fit into a pocket or small bag. The tincture can be given straight from the bottle or mixed into a glass of water or juice.

Before we close we have to mention water.

Can You Detox With Water?

Many books and “experts” recommend drinking large quantities of water during detox. There seems to be some viewpoint or belief that cleansing the body can be done by flushing impurities away as it you were hosing down your car!

It is not so easy to detox the body– sadly. It takes the correct use of detox supplements, proper supervision from a health professional and quite a bit of time too.

Drink a few glasses a day of good clean water by all means but there is no agreed dose you take – not 8 glasses or any other quantity and any claims to the contrary are moonshine!

Moderation is the key in all things and that includes detox drinks too, including water!

So do Detox drinks give you any special detoxification?

Like all other parts of detox they have their part to play. For someone who is poorly the emphasis on detox drinks may help them recover better and faster. Most detox drinks apart from tinctures of liver detox herbs have a gentle or perhaps one should say, weak ability to detox. That is fine if you are in a busy situation and cannot take the time to do a full scale detox with a totally clean detox diet and use of detox techniques. Using some gentle detox drinks can make it easier to detox thoroughly when you are ready to do so.

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