Blackmores Detox Kit – a Review

Blackmores are a well respected Australian Company founded 70 years ago by Naturopath Maurice Blackmore.

I have used their products for years both for my own health and used them in my Clinic too. Patients found them to be effective but I have not seen this product before or used it.

So let’s look the ingredients of this detox kit designed as a 10 day program to cleanse 5 organs  – and size it up!

Blackmores Detox Review – What’s In It?

The Kit consists of 5 items – 4 of which are supplements leaving one which assists skin “brushing”.

In no particular order they are (1) Digestive Bitters (2) Milk Thistle (3) Acidophilus (4) Colon Care (5) an Exfoliating Mitt

So let’s look at these in some detail now…..

Digestive Bitters– the purpose is to tone up the digestive system and consists of Dandelion, Gentian, Meadowsweet, Agrimony and Cinnamon. This is a very nice combo of well known and effective herbs which will start the detox process gently and safely.

Milk Thistle – this is probably the most used and most respected herb to detox the liver. The Digestive Bitters also have a detox effect but Milk Thistle provides a lot of extra muscle.

Then we come to the Colon with 2 parts of the Kit devoted to the health of the Colon.

Acidophilus Bifidus – billion organisms supplied to help condition the inner lining of the gut. Detox actually makes extra demands on the colon and it is part of all thorough detox programmes to use friendly bacteria to assist the body get back to full health.

Colon Care – this is supplied as a powder which you can mix in to a juice or just take with water. It is a combo of herbs, with Senna and Buckthorn acting as gentle laxatives, Psyllium acts as a gentle sponge and Aniseed and Fennel acting to ease griping and flatulence.

Lastly we get to Bearberry which is an all purpose detox herb, Licorice is demulcent and anti-inflammatory and agar which is similar to psyllium in some ways in that it carries toxins out of the colon.

Exfoliating Mitt

I call this skin brushing because I am used to doing this using a special brush like a bath brush. The purpose is to remove the surface layer of debris on the skin and stimulate circulation and the lymphatics – the drainage system of the body.

Using a mitt is more convenient for some folks although how you would reach your back I have no idea!

Blackmores Detox Review and Summary

thumbs up imageAltogether this adds up to a good programme focusing on the Digestion, Liver and colon.

I would continue with normal supplementation and in particular vitamin C and eat a mild easily digestible diet during the time of the detox. But this Blackmore’s Detox Kit gets a double “Thumbs up” from me.

If you have used it then please share your experience in the Comments section below.Thanks.

PS – This product appears to have been replaced by one called “Recharge liver detox with superfoods



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