Why to Use a Rebounder for Health

small rebounder or minitrampoline
Standing and making small movements or walking on the spot is all we need to move our Lymph

Using a rebounder is fun and they are another way to help cleanse and pump your lymph. The main thing I notice even after a few seconds of using my rebounder is a gentle feeling of relaxation in my body. It’s similar to the relaxation your feel after a hot bath or an Epsom Salts bath.

A rebounder is not a trampoline and is not suitable for stunts, or high jumps which may be dangerous and often lead to injuries especially of children.

You can use a rebounder as a daily routine to lift your spirits or as part of a pre or post exercise routine.

Many people make wild claims about the health effects of using a rebounder but when push comes to shove it does one thing only and that is to massage or pump the lymph right through the body.

The lymph system collects liquid from all parts of the body and delivers it to the blood stream where it can be detoxified and filtered by the liver and the kidneys. If we are living a very active lifestyle the lymph gets lots of stimulus by our muscles as we move or exercise.

But if we, like most people, spend most of the day sitting at a desk and getting little exercise or muscle stimulus then the lymph does not get the pressure it needs to move and circulate. And the internal environment of the body just gets clogged up with cellular waste accumulating and not getting removed.


Pumping Stagnant Lymph Away

Our blood gets the pressure it needs from our heart but the lymph is in a different system with no muscular pump to move it from our cells to the enter the blood stream. The “Heart” of the lymph system is our movement.

If we don’t move much perhaps due to joint problems or fatigue the lymph will not get the force to move it around the body. That is where a Rebounder comes in and it works because the lymph vessels all have valves!

Health Rebounding depends on this and requires only small gentle movements on the rebounder. These gentle movements protect your joints and are enough to still pump your lymph

I know you will see Fitness Trainers on YouTube bouncing up and down as part of a Fitness Workout and that is fine. But all we need to do for our health is stand on the rebounder and gently move our weight by flexing our legs a few inches.

Rebounding for health does not need you to jump up and down or for your feet to leave the Rebounder – you will get full stimulus and lymphatic drainage even without any jumping!
You can stimulate your lymph by skin brushing and with lymphatic massage; the rebounder gives you another tool

Summing up…

Rebounders used sensibly will move your lymph almost effortlessly. They will help move your lymph but whatever the hype says, will not detox you or remove your cellulite or help you much to lose weight! There are good ways of doing all that but all of them need more time than a few minutes on the rebounder.

Remember also that many of the videos you can see of rebounder use are by Rebounder companies doing their best to sell you a rebounder and claiming it is better than all the others!
Try one out and see how you feel – I do not believe that any of the marketing claims make sense or justify spending a lot.

Any decently made rebounder will do.

This is a great form of exercise nearly everybody can do regardless of their own lack of physical fitness and whatever the weather outside!

Image Attribution – thanks to Robster1974 for the rebounder photo

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