Liver Detox or Colon Detox – Which is More Important?

diagram showing positions of Liver and Intestine
diagram showing positions of Liver and Intestines

As far as Detox is concerned there are 2 types of experts. There are those who are enthusiastically liver based and there are those who are equally enthusiastically colon based.

The liver is the main organ of detoxification so it seems logical to start there when we wish to detox to get some or all of the many health benefits of a detox.

The colon or large intestine is, well, large. It acts partially as a storage organ and we know what it stores! It also reduces the amount of water lost in a bowel movement and acts as the very final stage of digestion. Holding as it does large colonies of bacteria that interact with harmful bacteria carried in with unhealthy food you could say that it is part of the immune system too.

In my study and practise of Naturopathy I have mostly been a “colon centric” detoxer and it was only after studying the writings of the Master Herbalist Jon Baron that I really understood detox as an integrated whole and that is why my advice now is about understanding Holistic detox as a complete process.

Both points of view are true from their perspective – the liver does need a detox and so does the colon.

But the colon detox or cleanse must be done first!

The reasons why are very obvious.

When you cleanse, heal and detox the colon the waste matter and toxins are funnelled out through the colon itself and into the toilet bowl with little damage or effect on other parts of the body.

Working on the liver is very different. It not only has a massive blood supply but is also connected to the gall bladder and through that to the colon.

Cleansing and detoxing the liver is going to dump extra toxins into the gall bladder and that will funnel its toxins straight down into the colon damaging the wall of the colon and resulting in many of those toxins being reabsorbed into the blood.

Which is clearly a very bad idea!

This why a holistic whole body view is essential – or you end up harming one part of the body while you treat another part.

Not sensible at all and not holistic either.

And is exactly what we in Natural Medicine criticise about Drug based Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Last Words

Detox is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The type of Detox you do needs to be well considered, gentle and holistic. You can get all the info you need on this blog and in the detox products shown in the sidebar. And you are always welcome to ask questions in the comment section.

And if you found this at all helpful help me to spread the word by Twitter, FaceBook or however you please!


Holistic Alex

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