Is the Aqua Detox a Detox Foot bath Worth Doing?

a pigeon having a foot bath
We all like a foot bath!

Footbaths are great. Soaking your feet after a long day working or traveling is very relaxing. Using a Detox foot bath as part of a whole body detox routine is simple too – you can use them while watching TV or while reading.

So what is an Aqua Detox?

First of all it appears to be a trademarked term of a company that makes a particular kind of foot bath.

There are hot foot baths, massaging foot baths and those with jets of water and bubbles as well as those with magnets or ions.

Lots of variety then in the world of foot baths or foot spas.

Aqua is the Latin word for water and water by itself as we all know cannot detox you despite all the chatter you can read about water “flushing toxins away.”

Water needs an active agent to do the detox – such as sea salt, Dead sea salts or Epsom salts.

So I am hugely in favour of such footbaths and use them myself, mostly using Epsom Salts in the footbath – with an optional dash of baking soda too.

That will help to detox and refresh your feet and boost the peripheral circulation too.

But in this case it is salt that goes into the Aqua Footbath. And the distinguishing factor of this kind of footbath is that there are metal electrodes in the bath producing a small electric current in the water.

Does this Detox foot bath work?

I do not know. I have seen these footbaths at Health Exhibitions and seen the water go from clear to a murky brown colour as the Aqua footbath does its work.

Some people claim that the brown colour is from rust on the electrodes but I doubt that. There is an electrolytic process going on between the electrodes and that will occur whether your feet are in the water or not.

Some people have done some analysis on the water before and after and claim that there is more iron in the water afterwards.

What causes the discoloration is not clear but it is not toxins being pulled out of your feet. That idea is plain silly. Most pollutants or toxins are in the fatty tissues of the body where it is very hard to get at them. And there is no obvious reason that they would be visible in water. Rather than worry about why the water turns to a yellow or green or brown colour maybe we should ask ourselves…

Does this Footbath do any good?

I have no doubt that sitting down and having a foot bath for a while is a great relaxation. The effects of a saltwater foot bath would not be as much as an Epsom Salts foot bath but it would still be effective. You will get a small degree of detoxification.

Does the electric current add to the results?

I don’t know frankly

On the Aqua Detox website they refer to the pioneering work of Dr.Royal Rife but it is not at all clear that the operation of the footbath depends on the frequencies and radiation he discusses. All I could find was a reference to osmosis which seems to be completely unrelated.

How about doing these foot baths with the electricity turned off?Well you can try this for yourself with a bowl or bath tub of water and some salt.

Let me know how you get on eh?

And please if you have personal experience chime in and let me know…..Just because we don’t know how this works is not to say that it does not work!

Such customer feedback as I have seen is rather positive so it would be good to learn some more.

Here is a video clip from a News Program where they mix in some other detox products but it does show the Detox foot bath in action…



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