Epsom Salts For Healthy Relaxation

Epsom salts are a very popular and easy way to ease away aches and pains by soaking in a bath.
To get even better results for your relaxing bath, a cup of Sodium bicarb can be added and used with a cup or two of Epsom salts. You might be tempted to put a whole box in and get super relaxed but using any more than a cup or two does not get you any better results because the powder will just pile up on the bottom of the bath.

Generally I advise that up to 20 minutes is a maximum time for your soak. Much more than that and it may be hard to actually get out of the bath because your muscles may be too relaxed!

You May be Too Relaxed !

This happened to me because I was so exhausted when I got in the bath and I think I fell asleep and it was 40 minutes when I realised what time it was. I was so relaxed by this time I could barely move my arms and legs and managed to get out of my bath by a log of wriggling and giggling and feebly trying to roll out of the bath and crawl into my bedroom to sleep!

This was hugely funny at the time but could have been real serious!

The hot water itself is relaxing and the Epsom salts add to that relaxation effect because Epsom salts is Magnesium sulphate and the magnesium is a nutrient that relaxes muscles.

I don’t advise it but you can take Epsom salts by mouth provided you keep the dose low – maybe a teaspoon or less. The reason some people do this is they find it relieves their constipation.

Welcome to Epsom!

This is how Epsom salts was discovered. Epsom is a small town about 14 miles from London (England) and so when news of the discovery of a source of “Healing waters” broke a stampede of both sick people and fashionable people visited Epsom “To Take the Waters”.
Mostly this consisted of drinking cupful’s of the water and this (of course) caused vomiting or diarrhoea which you might think would stop this fashion in its tracks – but it seemed rather to encourage it!
The town of Epsom became a famous destination spa and the town expanded and profited from this new tourist trade.
An the very best way for your health to profit is to relax in a bath of comfortable hot water and a cup of Epsom salts. Some people like to rinse the salts off afterwards. In any case expect to sleep well that night.

Relaxing With Magnesium

While you are snoozing after a relaxing Epsom salts aka magnesium sulphate / magnesium sulfate bath the magnesium that the Epsom salts contain has soaked in through your skin and is relaxing your muscles.

The sulphur gets into the body too and nourishes our joints and helps to make our biggest immune booster Glutathione. Lots of reasons then to keep going with this major healthy habit.

How to Buy Epsom Salts

Although widely available there are different grades of Epsom salt. Gardeners use magnesium sulphate as a fertiliser so it is mixed into their soil. Bathers may make soak their feet in Epsom salts after a long day shopping or walking but the purest grade in America has USP on the box or packaging meaning that it is so pure that it can be taken and swallowed like a medicine. In Europe it would be marked as EP and in Britain BP.

You can buy small packages that will supply a few cups of Epsom Salts or do as I do and buy in bulk. I get 50 kg bags which makes the cost per bath very low.

Don’t Drink Epsom salts…Please!

Yes it is true that the purest grade Epsom Salts can be swallowed but you may vomit and you may get an attack of the runs. My advice is that you get a magnesium citrate supplement instead if you want a good magnesium supplement which you can take without risk of vomiting! A dose of 200 mg taken 1 to 4 times a day is OK you’ll need more if you sweat a lot or are under major stress. Cut back on your dose if you get loose stools – it’s just not true that if some is good then more is always better.

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