Ditch Toxic Fluoride and Use This Mineral Instead

David Kennedy is a retired Dentist and that he means he can tell the truth! “Everyone” knows that Fluoride is the mineral we need to help us protect our teeth. Kennedy bluntly says this is wrong and mentions in the video the actual mineral we need and an extra way of improving our Dental Health

I’ll be adding notes to this blog post soon – stay tuned! For more info visit the FluorideGate website


Alex Newell ND

I'm Alex Newell and I am a Physicist who retrained as an Osteopath and Naturopath when my own health began to decline in my 30's. In fact I kept training and asking questions and began writing books and blogging over the last few years. The purpose of this blog, naturaldetoxblog.com is to help those with an interest in Natural Health Care to improve their health and detox and chelate industrial chemicals out of the brain and body in a safe and effective way. Please feel free to ask questions and contact me

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