Colon Cleansing for Best Health: 7 Ways To Cleanse Your Colon

Whatever type of detox or cleansing you may want to do starting with the cleaning out and healing the colon makes perfect sense!

Want to detox your liver? You need to clean out your colon FIRST or you will end up POLLUTING your liver.

Those newly discovered lymphatics in the brain? You need to get your colon clean before you start working on them.

And if you need to clear Heavy metals from your brain and body clearing your colon and healing your colon first still makes sense.

This is the First Commandment of Detox  – “Thou shalt clean thine colon first” and I’m going to tell you how to do that and still avoid the pitfalls that so many “Detox Doctors” put in your way (unknowingly) so you can succeed not just in cleansing your colon but also in rejuvenating your whole body.

My first experience of colon cleansing was in the eighties as part of a training course in natural medicine that I was doing. I chose to do it all the while I was travelling internationally and attending seminars all day.

Lucky for me, it was a well balanced program of intestinal healing and I had no discomfort at all.

I want you to have the same experience – you can cleanse your large intestine aka colon and optimise your health and heal and soothe any areas of inflammation found there without pain or difficulty when you follow the common sense methods of nature cure that Naturopaths like me recommend.

And we’ll start the first of our 7 methods of Cleansing the Colon…

With Diet!

So what do you think?

Is there a Colon Cleansing Diet?

1. Eating the right foods is a vital part of any colon cleansing program. We need a diet that will help clean the colon and not a diet that will produce further problems.

We need a diet that will provide lots of healthy fibre / fiber so that means that we should eat plenty of vegetables and beans and fruit because that is where fibre is.

At an individual level we must avoid any foods that we know we are allergic to as well as any foods or drinks we react to or get indigestion from.

No matter how nourishing they may be if your body fights the food then it is not for you!
Many people find that they need to avoid gluten and milk to help healing.

And junk food of all kinds has to be avoided if we want to cleanse or detox the intestines. We need to eat a “Healthy diet” – no sugar, fizzy drinks or processed food for the duration of the cleanse.

So What IS a Healthy Diet?

We can say that there are 4 diets that we can call “Healthy” with a plant based wholefood diet top of the list. Then comes the vegetarian diet and then the Mediterranean and the Okinawa Diets which are both technically “Omnivorous” or mixed but with around 80 to 90% vegetables, fruit, beans and grain and 10 to 20% milk, cheese, fish and meat with meat being on the menu once a week to once a month.

The first thing a diet that is good for the intestines has to provide is plenty of healthy fibre. That might be by including grated carrots in salads or by having oat porridge for breakfast or simply by eating apples and pears for snacks – apples and pears have high amounts of a particular fibre called pectin.

Speaking about Pectin, Master Herbalist Jon Baron says “It binds water and toxins together and bulks the stool, and thus carries toxins from the body”.

It also has to soothe and heal the lining of the colon. Due to years of eating sprayed foods and living in a very polluted environment there is damage to the inner lining of the gut and this needs to be healed.

And over the years, Antibiotics have also wreaked havoc in the intestines by killing our helpful or friendly bacteria as well as wiping out those bacteria that might be a problem. Part of the solution in healing the gut is getting the right bacteria into the colon and eating a diet that feeds them as well as feeding you!

Other rich sources of soothing soluble fibre are slippery elm and psyllium (husks or seeds) – not to be taken in case of intestinal obstruction and both to be accompanied by moderate amounts of water sipped throughout the day.

Another benefit of eating food rich in fibre is that it encourages the right kind of bacteria in the body.

Lot of people enjoy yogurt for its taste and may not realise that real yogurt has healthy beneficial bacteria and these bacteria help us to limit and kill disease causing bacteria – the bacteria we don’t want in the gut.
Healthy fibre feeds healthy bacteria and they help keep us disease free.

In a Nut Shell – a diet rich in easily digested vegetables, grains and fruit is ideal for cleansing, healing and nourishing the colon. So in practise we tweak our normal diet so that we are not eating sugar and other junk foods and for the period of the Colon Cleansing programme of two weeks or so eat a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet.

Herbs to Heal and Cleanse The Colon

2. Herbs are very special foods. They have a special power to heal or to detox or to nourish so it totally makes sense to use colon supporting herbs as part of a colon cleansing programme.

Slippery elm is the first healing herb that comes to mind. It can be bought as a powder and when mixed with water make a soothing snack like a kind of porridge which will soothe the mouth and throat as well as the entire intestinal tract right the way down to the colon.

Aloe Vera is another herb with a long history and a good record of healing. You can slap it on damaged or sunburnt skin or drink it to heal a damaged intestinal lining.

In my early experiments with colon cleansing I used a powder of psyllium husks which when mixed with water looked rather off putting and tasted like sawdust but which tasted fine when blended with apple juice.

This had the result of forming a soft bulk in the belly and intestines and reducing my appetite. I had no symptoms at all – either from the detox or the intestinal swelling.

You may find that the bulk of the Psyllium swells rather a lot when you drink enough water and the swelling may be visible if you are slim so expect a few cheeky comments about weight gain or pregnancy!

It is possible if you are very reactive to gain a kind of alllergic or asthmatic reaction to loose Psyllium powder so you may prefer to buy capsules instead.

One of the benefits of drinking smoothies is that they contain the fibre of the fruit and vegetables unlike juices where the nourishing fibre is removed.

Be a little creative if you juice and find some good recipes in which you can stir fry or make casserole meals where you can use the left over shredded fruits or veggies.

Vitamins and Minerals to Support and Nourish The Colon

Nutrients Support Detox and Cleansing!
Foods like carrots, olives and pumpkin seeds help us to heal because they supply high values of vitamins, minerals or oils.

Carrots have high levels of the vitamin beta-carotene, Olives have lots of vitamin E and pumpkin seeds have both zinc and omega 3 oil.

For any part of the body that needs soothing including some omega 3 oil in the diet only makes sense. Pumpkin seeds make a tasty snack although I usually get my omega 3 oil from a spoonful of powdered flax seeds on my breakfast oats.

Healing the gut is just the same as healing the skin – the inner lining of the gut is simply part of the skin that lines the entire intestines starting at the mouth and extending down the throat and stomach to the small and large intestine

Vitamin A is the first nutrient that comes to mind when fixing damaged skin – and you can help your skin by taking a daily adult dose of 5,000 iu
Vitamin C is next and for an adult the right dose is to take as much as is comfortable starting with 1 gram aka 1000 mg as ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate tablets or powder with each meal and an extra at bedtime. After a few days step up to 2 grams taken at meal times and bedtime.
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) is another anti-inflammatory vitamins that will help to sooth any areas of the colon wall that need it. Usual dose is 400 iu

Minerals that help include 40 mg zinc citrate or zinc picolinate or zinc carnosine – all 3 work well and zinc carnosine is a specially good nutrient at healing the gut.

Next comes magnesium and you can take Magnesium as magnesium citrate or chloride or any other form that suits you – you can get spray on magnesium too, I have not tried that but it gets good reports. Dosage is a 200 mg capsule taken 3 or 4 times a day

No Cleansing Without Water

We don’t think of water as a nutrient usually but of course many of us drink mineral water. And these often have high levels of particular minerals.

Mineral rich waters have been the centre of cleansing spas all over the world going back to Roman Times and beyond.
Used as drinking water we can find Bottled water with high levels of magnesium such as Gerolsteiner with 108 mg per litre or HĂ©par a French water with 110 mg per litre

Or we can choose silica rich water such as Fiji water or Volvic

And we can take advantage of the ability of the mineral Lithium to boost protective brain factors by drinking it and getting the benefits amongst which is a well known reduction of aggression and suicide amongst those who take Lithium. San Pellegrino has 0.2 mg Lithium per litre which is a low dose but high enough to be effective.

Of course this does not means that we need not eat mineral rich foods or mineral supplements but Mineral Water can be a welcome boost to our overall intake.

Which brings us to Tap Water!

Only a few unlucky people have such poor quality water supplied to their homes that they need to bulk buy bottled water. But we can all benefit from some level of filtration of our tap water. I get by using a jug filter while others hook up to an under sink or even whole house system.

Some bottled waters are tap water anyway. We all have an idea that bottled water is better, cleaner and has more minerals than the water we have at home but it is not always true. Some brands only bottle local tap water and add a nice label and some advertising!

It is always worth checking our local water supply with the database at the EWG in the US or from our local Water Company.

We may have to take action if the quality of our local supply is so low that toxic high levels of metals or other pollutants reach risky levels. This could include reaching out to organisations that specialise in these matters and to our local political representative.

Toxic drinking water is not acceptable in any circumstances.

Castor Oil Pack To Cleanse the Lymph
It may surprise you that I am including Castor Oil Packs as part of cleansing the colon so let me explain…

Part of the way that the body naturally cleanses itself is to use a built in drainage system called the Lymphatics. This is a whole network of tubes which collect waste from our cells and remove it channel it to the blood stream where it may be filtered and cleansed by the kidneys.

Around the colon the lymphatics have a lot of work to do so their health and functioning is especially important.
In my training I was told that Castor Oil purifies and liquefies stagnant lymph. Castor oil seeps into any skin it is in contact with and reduces pain and inflammation. Since the lymphatics drain the whole body a Castor oil pack – which is simply a cloth with some castor oil in it – can be used anywhere you want to give some extra help to.
You can use it on the neck, around ankles as well as anywhere on the torso. You may find it helpful for period pain or constipation where you can position the pack wherever seems comfortable.

Castor oil is soothing for the skin and is best used to sooth damaged and inflammation on the skin caused by knocks and scrapes. But please do not swallow it. I know some people do take a teaspoon or two for constipation but there are better ways of dealing with that problem which starts with proper diet and drinking enough water and includes Yoga which is what cured my teenage constipation which was never to return.

Skin Brushing Moves the Lymph

Castor Oil packs and Skin Brushing go together very well when you want to cleanse your colon. Castor Oil packs provide the lymph with a herbal boost to the circulation and drainage of the colon from the inside and skin brushing provides a kind of massage to help lymph move and circulate from the outside.

First of all you need a brush with a long handle – the one I have has a detachable handle which is convenient for your back and legs. The bristles can be from cork or other vegetable source like cactus, but a lot of them are from animals so vegans be careful what you buy!

Skin Brushing Technique

You start with the limbs and brush towards the heart. You want a firm touch but not too hard and not too soft either. I’ve found a good example on you tube for you so watch Rob Stuart show us how to cleanse without water!
I find it best to do skin brushing in the morning because it is stimulating and might keep me awake if I did it before sleep.

To see the technique take a look at this Skin Brushing video by Rob Stuart – it is the best I found after looking through dozens of videos.


I have never seen Yoga mentioned in any discussion of colon cleansing but for me it was the cure for my chronic and stubborn case of constipation. I still don’t know whether it was the calming effect of the yoga lowering my stress levels (stress takes blood away from the intestines so digestion and assimilation are reduced) or whether it was the simple act of twisting and turning as I did each exercise.

It’s worth saying that 50 years later – the cure worked and still works. Gentle yoga with no stress and no extra heat or fads works wonders on healing the body and mind.

This is the best of the videos I reviewed so enjoy it

Colon Cleansing Summary

You do not need to use all 7 of these powerful and natural ways of cleansing your colon and neither do you have to follow the order in which I have presented them.

Try them out at your own pace and do not rush them. The body needs to be in a low stress condition so that it can heal. My introduction to this system of cleansing the intestines was a small book by Robert Grey which focussed on using Psyllium Husks as a bulk laxative and used tablets with a gentle herbal formula to help the colon heal.

I will list some good books on Health, cleansing and Healing below and please try these Healing techniques out and share the results! You are most welcome to comment and question below and I’ll help if I can.

Alex Newell ND

I'm Alex Newell and I am a Physicist who retrained as an Osteopath and Naturopath when my own health began to decline in my 30's. In fact I kept training and asking questions and began writing books and blogging over the last few years. The purpose of this blog, is to help those with an interest in Natural Health Care to improve their health and detox and chelate industrial chemicals out of the brain and body in a safe and effective way. Please feel free to ask questions and contact me

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