Colon Cleansing for Beginners

One of the best known techniques in the world of Detox is the somewhat odd sounding “Colon Cleansing”. So in this post I aim to make it seem normal and routine and healthy like taking a shower or a bath just a little more specialised.

Colon Cleansing means different things but one of the things it can include is using water in an enema or colonic. It sure is a good place to start but enemas and colonics only work on the end of the colon and we need other techniques to work on the rest.

Soft Fibre – many colon cleansing programs contain Psyllium ( pronounced as “see lee um”) husks which turn into a kind of soft mush as it absorbs water and is pushed through the gut and the colon. The first colon cleansing system I used was the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Programme and Psyllium husks according to the Wiki, “Psyllium products are marketed under several brand names, such as Metamucil, Fybogel, Konsyl, and Lunelax.”

It does make you feel very full and you may visibly swell around the tummy area so you may not be surprised that your stool will be bigger and come more often.

I found it to be effortless to follow The Robert Grey Program and many other colon cleansing programs look like they were modelled on his.

The next component of colon cleansing is the use of herbs – hopefully gentle herbs to help the colon heal and to support your lymph, liver and kidneys.

Adding to the practice of Skin Brushing is Lymph detoxification with herbs such as chick weed, calendula, comfrey and bayberry which will also help to sooth and repair any inflamed and damaged parts of the gut.

What we don’t want in a Colon mix of herbs is any strong herbs that work on the liver or Gall Bladder and produce a discharge of toxic bile – that would put too much of a stress on the lining of the colon and right now we are trying to heal and upgrade that!
You can also expect to see Senna and Cascara Sagrada in Colon blends of herbs – and as long as the dose is low nothing much will be noticed. If you take too much you can expect a spell of the runs though. Both herbs have a history of being used as laxatives. My strategy is to take small doses and increase the amount slowly, day by day!

The final issue to deal with when you are doing or planning a colon cleanse is to realise that you may in the water flushing or herbal laxatives or bulk fibre wipe out some of the bacteria, aka Friendly bacteria that you need for your health. Most colonic clinics use a probiotic for the colon as a routine part of what they do. You can use a probiotic after doing an enema too. Or choose to buy and take a routine probiotic with blends like Lactobacillus Acidophilus or Rhamnosus or Casei.

Eating yogurt daily may give you the same benefits and eating vegetarian or at least eating lots of vegetables during and after your colon cleanse will supply many kinds of fibre which encourage healthy bacteria to flourish and protect us.

The health of our colon is the Foundation of our general health and especially the health of our immune system.

In this brief look at Colon Cleansing we see a system we can use whenever we feel the need that can fit into busy lives and not cause any discomfort or disturbance. Colon Cleansing can fit into your Calendar as a Seasonal cleanse just like we can declutter our home or car. You need and deserve this special upgrade and maintenance

I have referred to the Colon Cleansing Program by Robert Gray because it was the first I ever did but you can achieve the same good results by carefully assembling the essential parts of the system

  • Psyllium Husks
    Herbal Blend
    Skin Brush

And if you want the “Whole Caboodle, or complete system it is here

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