Castor Oil Magic For Detox and Healing

organic castor oilCastor Oil has a big reputation as a home remedy and very long usage in India where the Castor plant grows and from there spread to the West. In time, healers, Naturopaths and herbalists all picked up on the power of Castor Oil to help healing along in many different ways.

All the same there are many misconceptions about the oil and I graduated from several professional level Natural Health trainings without any lessons or even mention of Castor Oil and only learned about it in an unofficial apprenticeship with an experienced Polarity Therapist who was working in Sydney at the time.

So I’ve condensed a lot of good advice down to these 6 points so please ask me any questions I have not covered here.

Seven Tips To Help You Make the Most of Castor Oil


  1. Do not swallow it and never, ever take Castor Oil by mouth!All of the power of Castor Oil is obtained by topical use – straight on to the skin.

    If you are silly enough – as I was once – to swallow some then you will have to spend some extra time in the bathroom. I took a sip of what I thought was water and realised quickly what I had done. It was only a sip but it still made a difference to my bowel movements over the next day or so.

    Why this happens is because there is one natural chemical in the oil which irritates the inner lining of the gut. To deal with the irritation the body moves water into the gut to dilute and expel the cause.

    This is how the body deals with parasites. Yes this does produce bowel movements but it also irritates a vital tissue and produces dehydration. Neither of these is good and so please never take Castor Oil by mouth!


    And to cure constipation we should take extra vitamin C – at least 1 gram a day. Many Naturopaths and Nutritionists take about 5 grams a day and have done so for decades. It is very hard to get constipated if you get the proper amount of this vital vitamin!

    Cleaning up the diet will also cure constipation. Eating more vegetables and more fruit daily does the trick. Government advice is to take 5 a day and much better advice is 9 a day.


  2. Castor Oil for the skin.Now we’re talking! Castor oil is a wonderfully safe and effective skin oil. You can use it on cuts and scrapes and wounds of just about any kind. Wash the wound first of course but then Castor Oil will help the healing.

    It is also great for the hair and can be used as a massage oil with a punch!

    It has real power to increase the drainage in the area covered. So if you have painful or arthritic joints a massage once or twice a day with Castor oil is simple easy and effective. If that does not give you the relief you want then boost your vitamin C, add more veggies to your diet and get to see a Naturopath to get 1 on 1 help.

  3. The Castor Oil Pack This is the most powerful way to benefit from the healing power of Castor Oil. It is simple to put together and use although a little messy – you are using a skin oil after all! And although Castor Oil is wonderful for the skin it will mark cloths and towels and bedding so some people use old sheets and towels used exclusively for their Castor Oil packs.
  4. Now for the “How To”Warm Castor oil is poured onto a wool or cotton cloth. You can use any clean scrap of cloth or tea towel or buy a new one! The gentlest way to warm the oil is to stand the castor oil bottle in a dish or hot water. Do not heat the oil directly!

    The cloth with Castor Oil on it is placed on top of a sheet of “Cling film” / Plastic wrap or similar. The only purpose of this is to keep the oil where you want it.

    A big towel is the final layer of the pack. Once the warm oil has been applied to the cloth all 3 layers are picked up and wrapped around the area to be treated.

    That is usually the lower abdomen – around and below the navel or can be around a knee joint or shoulder or the neck. I know that many place the pack near the liver but this is not sensible in my view. The pack works on the lymphatics and they focus on the colon!

    A heat pad or hot water bottle is generally used to help the process along. Whatever source of heat you use, do take care not to use uncomfortable levels of heat and to use equipment safely.

    During the Castor Oil pack relaxation and snoozing or at least sitting still is advised. The packs are used for an hour or so at a time then the parts can be stored away. Only a little oil is used each time so a bottle will give several treatments.

    Very busy people who cannot find time during their day for a Castor Oil Pack go to bed with Castor Oil packs on but remember my caution about marking towels and sheets!

    It is fine to use 2 Castor Oil packs at once to treat different areas of the body at the same time.

  5. Lymphatic DrainageHalf of the body’s circulation gets all the limelight and that is the Cardiovascular system. The other half is largely ignored and that is the lymphatic circulation.

    The people who do pay attention to it are the Naturopaths and herbalists and doing so is one of the secrets to healing fast and fully.

    The main power of the Castor Oil Pack and all applications of Castor oil works through the lymphatic system. By encouraging drainage from inflammations and fresh blood to the inflamed area healing is accelerated.

  6. Castor Oil Powers

    Whether you apply Castor Oil to the skin by hand or via a Pack you are using the fact that Castor Oil is anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal and you have a very powerful natural remedy with a very wide range of uses.

  7. Buy Organic! Whether you want to have a bottle at hand for everyday scrapes or to use in Castor Oil Packs as part of a healing or Detox Programme it is best to use Organic Castor Oil. Even though Castor Oil should not be taken internally by mouth – see point 1 above – you still want a pure oil for your skin. The photo opening this post is the Castor Oil I use and is available in local shops here in the UK. I have also used Heritage brand Castor Oil and that is distributed in the US and via

Heritage organic castor oilSo that is my seven point summary of the uses and benefits of Castor Oil. Please do chime in below with your experience and questions.


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I'm Alex Newell and I am a Physicist who retrained as an Osteopath and Naturopath when my own health began to decline in my 30's. In fact I kept training and asking questions and began writing books and blogging over the last few years. The purpose of this blog, is to help those with an interest in Natural Health Care to improve their health and detox and chelate industrial chemicals out of the brain and body in a safe and effective way. Please feel free to ask questions and contact me

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