Heavy Metal Detox And Some Detox Tips

carbon monoxide map of US by nasa
Carbon monoxide pollution map of USA  by NASA

Pollution takes many forms. There is the obvious pollution that takes place routinely around drill rigs when drilling for oil. There is the massive contamination of the soil and underlying water reserves caused by mining and fracking. Pretty much all industrial processes dump toxic chemicals into the air or water.

And while we can see a contaminated landscape or beach we often cannot see the pollution from heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, cadmium or lead.

There is not a clear scientific definition of the heavy metals although a better term would be “toxic metals”. Some of the toxic metals such as aluminium are actually very light!

But we seem to be stuck with “heavy metals” as a phrase which we can use to mean metals which are toxic and which will have detrimental effects on our health if we absorb them by touch or consume them in polluted food or water.

A few examples of where we get heavy metal contamination from may help: we can get lead poisoning from cosmetics, hair dyes, paintwork and old water pipes, cadmium poisoning from cigarette smoke, aluminium poisoning from cookware and nickel from anti-perspirants.

Society has done a certain amount to clean this up but still we still get small amounts of these chemicals in the air we breathe and the food we eat.

And once they are in the body they may start poisoning us and producing a wide range of often unusual symptoms.

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

They are very varied and general including Chronic fatigue, neurological symptoms such as brain fog, numbness or tingling, joint pains, digestive disturbance and night sweats.

When you realise how massively polluted the environment is with heavy metals the first question that springs to mind is how to get this poisonous junk out of your body.

How To Detox The Body and Brain From Heavy Metals

A heavy metal detox has to deal with the toxins in fatty tissues or in the bones so detoxing them is a very long term project. All the more reason then to start as soon as possible and work detox methods into your routine.

Here are some notes which you may find useful depending on which metals you are dealing with and how bad the pollution is…..

1. There is a phrase used in management,”What gets measured gets done”. We need to know how much toxicity we are dealing with, sort out methods that will reduce the load of toxins in our system and then measure the levels again every few months.

This can get very complex but we can get a Trace Mineral Measurement done very easily on a hair sample. This picks up toxic and non-toxic metals and a simple and affordable first step. Here in the UK I use a company called Mineral Check

2.Detoxing heavy metals is essentially the same as any other kind of toxin in that the detoxification happens through the natural detox pathways of the body guided and helped with the appropriate detox supplements, nutrients and diet.

To be very clear – you need a thorough detox and tune up before you pick a fight with heavy metals. All good detoxes will remove some of the heavy metal load on the body but a serious contamination requires thorough preparation with a qualified practitioner with lots of experience detoxing heavy metals.

3. Chelation (pron. “Key layshun”) is one of the main techniques used by Nutritionists and Naturopaths to remove heavy metals from body tissues.

The how to of the chelation process was discovered and pioneered by Dr Andy Cutler and his book “Amalgam Illness” is THE key source of safe and effective techniques to follow to get medical and industrial pollution out of your brain and body.

The best place to buy it is from his website

The technique reminds me of picking up a bunch of keys with a magnet and involves taking safe amino acid mixtures either by mouth, called Oral Chelation or the detox chemicals are applied via a drip into the arm called Intravenous or IV chelation and this may be quite dangerous so I recommend the safe Oral method.  Using either method the chelate  grabs hold of the toxins and then expels them down the detox pathways in the liver.

4. Please don’t just start swallowing every heavy metal detox pill or formula you can get! Many of them are badly designed. Follow my suggested 3 step process, detox thoroughly and then boost your detox with some special heavy metal specialist chelators such as ALA alpha Lipoic acid and techniques to help your gut heal. It is VITAL to follow the safe and effective procedure discovered by Andy Cutler when using Alpha Lipoic acid and other chelators.

You can get advice and guidance at no cost from a Facebook Group set up for that exact process.

5. And a reminder! Monitor your progress with lab results and a professional at your side. Heavy metals can kill and cripple so you are playing with fire here as you remove the toxins from your body. Monitor your progress with your own journal too for extra safety.

Whatever pollution or accidents occurred to expose you to the toxins initially you can make superb progress with the right techniques and advice and lab’ measurements. While heavy metal toxicity is serious the effects can be mitigated and reduced and your body healed with the right detox and healing procedures.

For details of my Detox Book available on Amazon Kindle just follow the link.

Photo credit NASA carbon monoxide pollution

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