Superfoods And Their Use To Treat Cancer

Superfoods got some attention today in the National Press. Seems that someone chose to follow a superfood diet rich in juices, salads and green leafy vegetables rather than take the cancer drug recommended by their Doctor! She got well – that was the story. This is pretty common really so I’m unsure exactly why the newspapers featured her. But rather than mull over the unique features of her case let’s look at the whole superfood angle… All foods have nutrientsSee More… Superfoods And Their Use To Treat Cancer

Wheat Nutrition

Wheat has been grown and used since at least 9,000 BC and use of the wild grain has been dated as far back as 23,000 BC. And although we mostly think of wheat as a Western grain and staple – the Western version of Rice basically, Wheat is also an oriental grain coming from the arc of countries known to scholars as the Fertile crescent. Looking a a map you can see these countries arc from Egypt through Palestine andSee More… Wheat Nutrition

Teff – a Nutritous Grain Alternative to Wheat

Some people write Tef and others write Teff but let’s not get into a tiff about Teff let’s just spread the good news about this very nutritious grain that is an alternative to wheat. The good news is that it does have all 8 essential amino acids making it a good source of protein and that it does NOT have gluten so that those looking for extra foods to include on their gluten free diet should give Teff a try.See More… Teff – a Nutritous Grain Alternative to Wheat

Wholegrain Rye To Boost Your Health!

Rye is most at home in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe where it’s rich and hearty taste is most appreciated. But it can be found worldwide in bread and grain mixes and even in whisky and rye beer. When ground to a flour it can be made into pumpernickel,sourdough and crisp breads. Bread making is facilitated by its gluten content which is high enough to make baking easy but is lower than in wheat flour. Rye may be a goodSee More… Wholegrain Rye To Boost Your Health!

Using Olive Leaf as a Herb

Olive oil is a well known part of the Mediterranean diet and has found a way into many kitchens far from the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. So while we are happy to use Olive oil on salads and as a dressing for vegetables and in stir frying most people are surprised to hear of the leaves of the Olive tree being used medicinally. Not only has the leaf been found to have many extraordinary healing benefits but extracts ofSee More… Using Olive Leaf as a Herb

Oats As a Heathy Alternative to Wheat

Having a Scottish Mother there was no way I could have escaped oats for breakfast or Barley soup, called “Scotch Broth” by some, nor would I want to! So you might think that I’m biased when I write about oats, 🙂 And having had my yummy oat porridge breakfast this morning I realised that in our series of wheat alternatives we come to oats. Oats are a very widespread crop being grown in the Middle East, Europe and Russia andSee More… Oats As a Heathy Alternative to Wheat

Rice – The Second Mother to The World.

In this series of alternatives to Wheat we come now to a grain that is a staple and central food to more than half of the world’s population. Rice was first grown and cultivated in China over 8,000 years ago from where it spread to India, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The seeds of the rice plant first need to be dehulled or dehusked and once this is done the rice seeds are a wholefood and at their most nutritious.See More… Rice – The Second Mother to The World.

Is Quinoa the Healthiest Alternative to Wheat?

Quinoa is in the news these days partially because 2013 was declared the International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations. Lots of publicity ensued so now lots of cooks are trying it out. Of course people in South America have been cropping, eating and thriving on Quinoa for 7,000 years. It looks similar of grains such as wheat and rice but is not technically a true grain and contains no gluten at all. For those of us who likeSee More… Is Quinoa the Healthiest Alternative to Wheat?