3 Steps to Purification: Cleanse, Detox, Chelate

In one word we focus in this blog on “purification” the process of ridding your body and brain of the thousands of industrial chemicals in our air, water and food supply. We have 3 main ways to do this Cleansing: People have felt the need to cleanse and purify themselves since ancient times using streams, natural geysers and hot baths. Detox They also added the use of healing plants to help us detox the liver and other organs with herbsSee More… 3 Steps to Purification: Cleanse, Detox, Chelate

Bisphenol A and How You Can Limit Its Health Risks

Bisphenol A often called BPA is a widely discussed chemical that has been causing concern and even alarm since the 1990s. The worries focus on the ability of the BPA molecule to trigger hormone pathways in the body. So the popular press has used the word, “gender bender” to describe some of the effects of BPA and the scientific press describes it as an “Endocrine disruptor” and of materials with BPA having “EA” – that is of having “Endocrine activity”.See More… Bisphenol A and How You Can Limit Its Health Risks

Get Happy With Recycling Textiles

Recycling textiles sounds quaint, unlike recycling electronics which sounds obvious – all those precious metals that can be used again and many toxic substances which we don’t want in landfill where they can pollute the water table and outgas greenhouse gases. Turns out that the same considerations come up for textiles too. After all textiles will generally decompose and the bacteria that find their way into the material may well generate Methane which is a very potent greenhouse gas.

After a Diagnosis of Cancer…

Fear is the usual response to a diagnosis of Cancer. Even though other diseases may actually be a bigger threat and Cancer has such a grip on our imagination. The Cancer establishment offers and mandates only 3 ways to respond to Cancer and they are Surgery, Treatment with Cancer causing chemicals and treatment with Cancer causing radiation. It takes a an independent thinker with some courage to withstand the assault by the establishment – they will do their best orSee More… After a Diagnosis of Cancer…

Vitamin D – Do you add the “Sunshine Vitamin” to Your Day?

Adding sunshine to your day is an attractive idea and in our ABC of vitamins we’ve got to vitamin D which is often called “The sunshine vitamin”. Truth be told, vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a hormone. That was not known in the early days when the vitamins were being discovered so now we have the slightly absurd situation where a vitamin is not a vitamin – it sounds like a teaser but it really is true.See More… Vitamin D – Do you add the “Sunshine Vitamin” to Your Day?

Trauma and Stress in Cancer

One of the early theories of the causation of cancer is the intrusion of a trauma into your life. Yes there are issues with pollution and toxins but without trauma and stress inhibiting your Immune system and detoxification system your body can handle the toxins – especially when you get proper dietary help from an expert. In the video Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer and Dr Patrick Vickers from the Northern Baja Gerson Centre discuss this often neglected issue

Hot Yoga and Toxins

I started reading about and then practising Yoga around 1966. At first I was intrigued by what to me looked like some pretty odd pictures and somehow got drawn in and did what every book tells you NOT to do which is learn the Yoga Exercises from the books. As time went by moved my Yoga Practise to Meditation but still did some asanas. That’s been the case ever since. When I heard of “Yoga in a Hot Room” ISee More… Hot Yoga and Toxins

Agave Nectar – Is it The Sweetener For You?

Agave is a Yucca type succulent plant processed to yield the sweetener we hear so much about. Agave syrup also called nectar is presented as a natural product similar to maple syrup or honey. With so much bad news about sugar and high fructose corn syrup it is natural to look for a different sweetener and if it is healthy and vegan too then those are added bonuses. Problems present themselves when you look a little deeper. According to theSee More… Agave Nectar – Is it The Sweetener For You?