The Rise of Detox and Its Role in Natural Therapies

There is a large and rising number of Detox articles, diets and products nowadays so awareness and practise of detoxification is increasing. But to me, a Naturopath using Detox as a normal part of everyday treatment, most of it appearing confused shallow and often totally wrong. Time to ask some questions about detox and the first one is where does it fit when compared against Natural treatments and remedies.   Natural therapies have been all that we have had toSee More… The Rise of Detox and Its Role in Natural Therapies

Detox Drinks – Can They Deliver the Detox You Want?

Detox drinks are one of the important tools that you can use to detox your body. Whether you want to lose weight or to remove heavy metal toxins or just to do a normal natural health detoxification, detox drinks can be used – although there is no guarantee they will work by themselves. Detox is a process and is very individual. The natural ability of the body and in particular – the liver and the kidneys to process and removeSee More… Detox Drinks – Can They Deliver the Detox You Want?

Detox in 3 Days! You’re Kidding, Right?

The title of my first book on Detox is “Detox in 3 Steps” and so when I saw Sandy Halliday blog post on “Detox in 3 Days” my jaw dropped. We had spent some time at the same Nutrition Institute years ago and although we did not meet, we are on the same page with Detox. She was not being serious! You can’t detox in a long weekend! There is a lot of focus in the media on the “howSee More… Detox in 3 Days! You’re Kidding, Right?

Detox Myths and Facts

The Newspaper headline was clear – “Facts don’t support Detox diets”! Apparently the thousands of people reading Natural Detox Blog are wrong and the people buying my wonderful Detox Books on Kindle – they are wrong too! Yes it’s the usual story. A slow news day prompts a journalist to publish something that really belongs in the waste paper basket….. The opening sentence is a sweetie, “The desire to rid the body of fat and suspected toxin so often endsSee More… Detox Myths and Facts

Detoxing Your Body

Detoxing is a natural and normal activity of the liver and of other organs and systems in the body. This means that when we wish to detoxify our body we need to take a look at how the body detoxes naturally and then do what we can to assist that process. Some people think because we detox naturally we don’t need to do any detoxing ourselves. This is like saying that because we eat naturally that we don’t need toSee More… Detoxing Your Body

Yogi Detox Tea – is it for Thee?

Lots of people are turning to Detox drinks as an easy way of dealing with the toxins picked up in our “normal” Western life style. One of the most popular types of detox drink is tea, so today we’re taking a look at a particular tea from the “Yogi” range. This is quite a range with 60 teas in it –some green teas, some black and some decaffeinated. There are 4 Detox teas and we are looking at the generalSee More… Yogi Detox Tea – is it for Thee?

Heavy Metal Detox And Some Detox Tips

Pollution takes many forms. There is the obvious pollution that takes place routinely around drill rigs when drilling for oil. There is the massive contamination of the soil and underlying water reserves caused by mining and fracking. Pretty much all industrial processes dump toxic chemicals into the air or water. And while we can see a contaminated landscape or beach we often cannot see the pollution from heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, cadmium or lead. There is not aSee More… Heavy Metal Detox And Some Detox Tips

Skin Detox – Step By Step

Most detox programmes focus on the colon or the liver both of which are crucial for our health. But with so much interest in Detox and Cleansing it is natural to want to be able to detox your skin. The skin is the biggest organ of the body and like the liver and the colon it is a detox organ. It excretes toxins by sweating and can absorb them too by contact because the skin can absorb small molecules fromSee More… Skin Detox – Step By Step