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Natural Detox 101
Detox for Beginners

To get started in Detox I wrote “Natural Detox 101” to help to prepare someone for the process of Detoxing naturally.

Part of my motivation was to blast through all the Detox nonsense and confusion spread by “Health journalists” and other non-specialists who write about health.

I wanted to set the record straight – so I wrote 2 books on Detox

First I wrote “Detox Your Body in 3 Steps” which gave the reader not just correct and safe procedures to Detox their body and their Central Nervous System and the Brain but also some of the thinking that a properly trained naturopath would go through as they helped you along step by step.

Then I thought that many people would really need an introductory book that covered the real basics of Toxins and Pollution and the need for detox – a kind of Detox 101.

What’s in Natural Detox 101?

  • Detox and it’s relation to nutrition
  • Detox and the Toxic world
  • Toxins and diseases
  • Detox and Fads
  • Natural Detox
  • Detox and Slimming and Weight loss
  • Detox Formulas

And to “Look Inside” the book at Amazon go here.

What’s in Detox Your Body in 3 Steps?

cover of detox your body in 3 steps cover of kindle book
How To detox your body in 3 steps – my first Detox book

Detoxification is actually a complex subject and can’t be covered with a quick – “Take this Detox Formula” because we are all a bit different and so are our toxins and pollutants.

A lot of what people call Detox is actually Cleansing and vice versa. And some of that is really Chelating. This is covered both in the book and on my site

To show you some of what is covered in the book I did a screenshot of the contents ContentsPageDetoxYourBodyIn3Steps

Sorry this is not clearer. To see it in more detail and to discover all the contents of the book please visit Amazon and click on the See Inside link. Thanks

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