Detox Drinks – Can They Deliver the Detox You Want?

Detox drinks are one of the important tools that you can use to detox your body. Whether you want to lose weight or to remove heavy metal toxins or just to do a normal natural health detoxification, detox drinks can be used – although there is no guarantee they will work by themselves. Detox is a process and is very individual. The natural ability of the body and in particular – the liver and the kidneys to process and removeSee More… Detox Drinks – Can They Deliver the Detox You Want?

How Protein Controls Cancer

There’s a lot of background to this video. Take 2 groups of laboratory rats exposed to a cancer causing agent. Then feed one group a low casein protein diet and the other a high casein protein diet. Casein is one of the main proteins in milk so it was an important protein to use. The results of this gruesome experiment? The low protein group was fine and the high protein group got cancer! Is this series of experiments turning cancerSee More… How Protein Controls Cancer

What You Can Do To Have Healthy Joints

We worry about our health, about our heart health, about the chances of getting cancer and increasingly nowadays about getting dementia since we may have seen a relative sliding into Alzheimer’s Disease as they aged. Seldom do we worry or do anything about the health of our joints and yet arthritis and other joint disease is at epidemic proportions. Joints just don’t get the attention they deserve even though we use them for every movement of the body. Even sittingSee More… What You Can Do To Have Healthy Joints

Wheat Nutrition

Wheat has been grown and used since at least 9,000 BC and use of the wild grain has been dated as far back as 23,000 BC. And although we mostly think of wheat as a Western grain and staple – the Western version of Rice basically, Wheat is also an oriental grain coming from the arc of countries known to scholars as the Fertile crescent. Looking a a map you can see these countries arc from Egypt through Palestine andSee More… Wheat Nutrition

Detox Your Home With Mother In Law’s Tongue

Listening to “Gardener’s World” on Radio 4 right now and they advise using plants to suck in Toxic gases in our homes and dump them into the soil in which the plant is sitting. Other plants work too! So it makes sense to have household plants in your home or your place of work if allowed that can reduce the toxic gases we are exposed to. This has got to be the easiest way to detox ever! This is notSee More… Detox Your Home With Mother In Law’s Tongue

Teff – a Nutritous Grain Alternative to Wheat

Some people write Tef and others write Teff but let’s not get into a tiff about Teff let’s just spread the good news about this very nutritious grain that is an alternative to wheat. The good news is that it does have all 8 essential amino acids making it a good source of protein and that it does NOT have gluten so that those looking for extra foods to include on their gluten free diet should give Teff a try.See More… Teff – a Nutritous Grain Alternative to Wheat

Is WiFi The Biggest Toxic Hazard in Your Home?

Countries across the world are legislating to protect children in school against the dangers of Radio frequency radiation from routers and WiFi . And that’s fine at school but how about at home? If, like most people, you connect wirelessly to the internet do you sit or allow children to sit near the router? Is there really a health hazard here or is this just another worry buzzing around in your head? Hopefully the short video here will help toSee More… Is WiFi The Biggest Toxic Hazard in Your Home?