We Are Supposed to Ignore These Toxins!

When we see atmospheric pollution from smokestacks and vehicle exhausts and realise that the toxins in the smoke are pollutants that may harm us when we inhale them in the inescapable activity of breathing, we begin a process… It is a process of awareness which expands as we focus on different areas of the environment. And that includes home too. The toxic brew of cleaning chemicals comes as quite a shock. But when we look at medicines we may feelSee More… We Are Supposed to Ignore These Toxins!

Sea Buckthorn – The Health Benefits of the Omega 7 Bush

Sea buckthorn is not a well known plant and yet it is receiving attention from scientists all round the world and has even been on television!  To see what is causing the flurry and research we only need to glance at the amount of vitamin C and E and carotenoids – all inpressively high and then we see the oil content and see that it is the richest source of omega 7 oil in the world…so this is a seriouslySee More… Sea Buckthorn – The Health Benefits of the Omega 7 Bush

Toxins in Your Teeth ?

If like most of us you have Mercury Fillings – also known as Silver fillings or “Amalgam” then you too have Toxins in your teeth. Mercury really is a neurotoxin and studies have shown that it leaks out of teeth – especially when we chew. That the mercury they use is toxic has been denied by Dentists for decades. How they managed to do this and not get “regulated” by Government Health and Safety legislation is complex but it doesSee More… Toxins in Your Teeth ?

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Ours was a yogurt free household. Growing up in the UK in the fifties a lot of what we now call superfoods were in short supply if they were available at all. Yogurt is not a modern or trendy superfood. It is an ancient food probably widespread in all nomadic and farming communities that kept sheep, goats, water buffalo or horses  or other milk bearing animals. In my mind I associate yogurt with Bulgaria which gave its name to theSee More… Health Benefits of Yogurt

Review of the Green Vibrance Detox Drink

If your Mum made you eat your greens then welcome to the club. We know it’s good for us but many fail to eat their greens once they grow up and are able to ignore Mum’s advice! The easy way to get your green fix is to drink your Greens instead Yes the perfect alternative to buying, preparing and cooking green vegetables is to take green drinks either on their own or in a shake. You can either make yourSee More… Review of the Green Vibrance Detox Drink

Aloe Vera – Health Benefits of a Controversial Plant

Aloe Vera is one of the superfoods that is a combo of food and herbal remedy or medicine. Garlic is another example and Dandelion yet another. Strangely Aloe Vera seems to attract more than its fair share of criticism from the establishment and maybe that means it’s worth looking deeper at it! Aloe Vera 101 First a few basics; Aloe Vera seems to have originated in Africa although it is widespread in desert conditions throughout the world and grows inSee More… Aloe Vera – Health Benefits of a Controversial Plant

Where to Start My Detox? Part 3 – After Colon Cleansing

Where to Start My Detox? Is such an excellent question that it has taken 2 blog posts so far to answer it. Part One is here and Part Two is here We start Detox by raising the quality of our diet. We do this by increasing the number of Superfoods in our diet and decreasing the number of junk foods – by choosing to exclude junk foods such as sugar, sodas, fries and burgers. So far, so good! Then weSee More… Where to Start My Detox? Part 3 – After Colon Cleansing

Is Stevia Safe: The Controversial Sweetener?

The search for low calorie sweeteners goes back a long way. I remember giving up sugar when I read that Professor John Yudkin was quoted as saying that he, “Would rather have his family face the possible dangers of cyclamates than the certain dangers of sugar”. Other sweeteners Cyclamates and saccharin were under scrutiny at the time for possible health problems but sugar was not and the casual saying by the Prof prompted me to stop putting sugar in mySee More… Is Stevia Safe: The Controversial Sweetener?