High Dose Vitamin C Saves Another Life

When is a vitamin not a vitamin? No this is not a Nutrition Quiz but an issue so serious that it nearly cost Alan Smith his life. Maybe it was a mistake for the scientists who discovered Ascorbic Acid to call it vitamin C. Why is that a mistake? ‚ĶBecause vitamins are used in tiny amounts to prevent and cure disease. But vitamin C can and should be used not in tiny sprinkles of a few milligrams but in spoonfulsContinue reading… High Dose Vitamin C Saves Another Life

What You Can Do To Have Healthy Joints

We worry about our health, about our heart health, about the chances of getting cancer and increasingly nowadays about getting dementia since we may have seen a relative sliding into Alzheimer's Disease as they aged. Seldom do we worry or do anything about the health of our joints and yet arthritis and other joint disease is at epidemic proportions. Joints just don't get the attention they deserve even though we use them for every movement of the body. Even sittingContinue reading… What You Can Do To Have Healthy Joints

7 Detox Tips for Successful Colon Cleansing

Many people greet the New Year with a burst of enthusiasm and a new resolve to start their health and fitness on a new footing. That's why Gyms start their year jam packed and only in February see who is there for the long run. For some it's the Gym and for others their focus is on…the bathroom! Colon cleansing has received lots of attention over the last few years and has spread from circles of Naturopathy and herbal geeksContinue reading… 7 Detox Tips for Successful Colon Cleansing

Epsom Salt Bath For Detox

I have used Epsom Salt as part of a Detox for many years. It is safe and pleasant and simple enough to use regularly as a normal part of self care. There are 2 ways Epsom Salts have been used. One I recommend and one I do not! When Epsom Salts were first discovered as a natural spring in Epsom in Southern England animals avoided the water so the locals carefully tried drinking the water to find out why. Well,Continue reading… Epsom Salt Bath For Detox

Colon Health, Constipation and Cleansing

There's a lot of attention paid nowadays to colon cleansing and with good reason. The large intestine or colon acts as temporary storage for all our digested food and may have a considerable load of unhealthy bacteria and improperly digested foods. It is also a vital crossroads for the lymphatic system and an important hub for the parasympathetic nervous system.  And the colon, and the small intestines, are a major area where the nutrients in food are absorbed.  So aContinue reading… Colon Health, Constipation and Cleansing