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High Dose Vitamin C Saves Another Life

When is a vitamin not a vitamin? No this is not a Nutrition Quiz but an issue so serious that it nearly cost Alan Smith his life.

Maybe it was a mistake for the scientists who discovered Ascorbic Acid to call it vitamin C.

Why is that a mistake?

…Because vitamins are used in tiny amounts to prevent and cure disease. But vitamin C can and should be used not in tiny sprinkles of a few milligrams but in spoonfuls of several grams each!

Which can be a shock if all you know about Nutrition is that a few milligrams of Niacin can cure Pellagra – a disease common in the Corn belt and a tiny sprinkle of Folic acid can prevent a pregnancy producing a baby with a serious “neural tube defect”.

“Everyone” knows that all you need is a few milligrams – that’s why vitamins are called micronutrients – the whole idea is that tiny amounts are all that we need to stay healthy.

So when Doctors come across people insisting on using large doses of vitamin C they don’t know how to react and they go into shut down and denial and anger!

Back to Alan Smith…he was brought into Hospital suffering from a massive attack of what turned out to Swine Flu.

This rampaged through his lungs and turned into Pneumonia which looks like this as your lungs fill up with water.

Picture here

And that stops you breathing. Death is near at this stage…

The hospital can put you on special machinery to oxygenate your blood but they can’t deal with the root problem which is the infection.

Which was when Alan’s family suggested high dose vitamin C. And it was then that the medical team went into what I can only call Zombie mode.

They denied the family that option even though they had no other way forward. Days went by with Alan struggling for his life and the Doctors in a state I cannot understand…they sat with arms folded denying the family the right to effective treatment and the family arguing for the option of high dose vitamin C.

Which starts at 25 grams intravenously and modern holistic dentists often give their patients 25 or 50 gms of intra venous vitamin C while fixing their fillings!

Eventually the family pressure on the Hospital succeeded and an infusion of 25 gms was given and 25 gms the following morning… which was when they realised that Alan’s lungs were beginning to clear.

Of course now would the time to realise that the “Denialism” was stupid, and we had real proof of the effectiveness of vitamin C and we can go forward with this treatment.

But no, other layers of the Admin of the Hospital intervened and stopped the treatment.

I am not going to detail every twist and turn here. In fact this “Mexican Standoff” persisted and was even repeated when Alan was moved to a local Hospital.

Suffice it to say that between them, the Smith family, the healing power of vitamin C and the intervention of a lawyer succeeded in giving Alan Smith the chance of life and he took it.

Vitamin C has been saving lives and saving large numbers of lives since its discovery in 1930 of Ascorbic acid as the natural chemical that cures scurvy. Most animals in the world make their own ascorbic acid out of glucose in their liver but humans can’t manage the transformation – we lack an enzyme needed to do the job!

Doctors such as Linus Pauling and Abram Hoffer started taking large doses of vitamin C themselves and in the 1940s and 50s Dr Klenner was curing patients of Polio with high dose ascorbic acid.

In the decades that followed other infectious diseases were successfully treated with vitamin C. Whether it was measles or mumps no viral illness could resist the timely use of ascorbic acid.

This is all documented.

Klenner even presented his findings to the American Medical Association, the official journal for American Doctors.

And this knowledge was ignored by what we must call Pharmaceutical Doctors and taken up with glee by Naturopathic Doctors and a small number of what came to be called Orthomolecular Doctors such as Hoffer and Klenner.

So we could say here that “All’s well that ends well”, but the Zombie behaviour of the hospital Doctors baffles me.

I am a scientist. I trained in Physics before Naturopathy and I think like a scientist. I have an absolute respect for facts, for data. What the hospital Doctors did was to ignore not just the scientific literature but the evidence of their own eyes.

To ignore evidence is evidence itself of a closed and unscientific mind.

If you can understand them or their reasons – please inform me in the Comments section, I’d like to know.

It was not just the love of the Smith family that saved Alan’s life it was their knowledge of vitamin C and it is to spread more knowledge of natural remedies that I write for my blogs.

Any time you spread this knowledge you could be saving a life too!

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What You Can Do To Have Healthy Joints

X ray of shoulder joints and  ribcageWe worry about our health, about our heart health, about the chances of getting cancer and increasingly nowadays about getting dementia since we may have seen a relative sliding into Alzheimer's Disease as they aged. Seldom do we worry or do anything about the health of our joints and yet arthritis and other joint disease is at epidemic proportions.

Joints just don't get the attention they deserve even though we use them for every movement of the body. Even sitting still reading this article numerous joints in your rib cage are working as you breath and others in your ribs and arms as you scroll down the screen to read this article.

Joints are places where things happen; they are where 2 bones come together to allow and facilitate movement. When working well they are like well oiled hinges and they bring no attention to them selves. And when afflicted with a disease like arthritis we struggle to move, we push against stiffness and suffer pain as a consequence.

We all have good incentives to do what we can to keep our joints healthy and the good news is that all we do to boost our general health is going to help our joints too

So lets look at some lifestyle choices we can make and then see what part professional treatment can play in the health of our joints

Movement:“use it or lose it”

Never was that saying more truly used than about our joints. When we walk or exercise or do some gardening or housework we not only stretch our muscles we use our joints too and this helps lubricate them, and boost the health of the joints used.

We may need to push hard to strengthen a muscle but gentle movement is all we need to exercise a joint.

When treating patients in my Osteopathy clinic I used to teach a simple routine where we go through all the major joints of the body and perform slow circular movements. Starting with the head and then moving to the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles it takes just 2 or 3 minutes and feels good as you both gently stretch the muscles around the joint and feed “exercise information” to your body and brain.

The movement may be dance, skipping, yoga – whatever pleases you – it does not have to be”exercise” – anything that gets us in motion will do the job.

Joints and muscles are feeding position and speed data to the brain like a satellite or rocket sends back telemetry data to ground control. This is vital to our well being and interrupting this flow of data from our joints deprives the brain of what it needs to function properly just like eating a junk diet deprives the body of minerals and vitamins that it needs to do all its work of healing and detoxing properly.

Diet: “We are what we eat”

The phrase “We are what we eat”, seems to be as old as the hills and is often taken to be a folksy way to nudge us into following advice like “Eat your greens!”. Well the phrase is not just a metaphor it is a literal hard scientific truth. We are made of what we have for breakfast, and lunch and dinner…and whenever else we eat too! And what we drink as well!

When it comes to our health we really do have the power to choose and to make our bones and joints strong and healthy. So what choices are best? The science for the last several decades whether in the shape of The China Study or in any of dozens of other major studies comes back with the advice to eat what the researchers call,”a plant based diet”.

This is not the same as a Vegetarian diet or a Vegan diet though. A diet of so called “Breakfast” Cereals, toast, coffee, Bagels and microwaved ready meals might well be vegan but would be a junk food diet none the less.

I know plenty of Vegetarians whose diet is similar to the above and whose dinner plates are rarely graced with the sight of Broccoli or Kale or other healthy greens. This is their choice of course and in our culture the food we eat is not culturally determined as it is in many countries but is there from individual decisions.

A Plant Based Diet means a wholefood diet, preferably organic, and examples may be found in the Mediterranean Diet and the Diet in rural Japan. In both there is a variety of vegetables, fruit (more so in the Mediterranean diet, which is part of why I think it is better) and small amounts of bread, fish and meat.

From detailed research I've seen I'd advise a vegetarian or vegan version of the Mediterranean diet as the healthiest diet for our joints and for general health too. It has a wide range of plant nutrients including mineral and vitamins; there is plenty of protein and Olives and nuts and seeds provide all the healthy oils we need.

Joint Supplements: “Every little helps”

But what do we do when we get joint disease? The time to change the diet was 5 years ago before we got soreness and pain in and around the joints and your diet will affect your health going into the future but right now what food supplements can we take as extra healthy plant medicines for your joint issues?

Pain usually comes from inflammation in the body so we need to give the body as much anti-inflammatory support from diet and supplements as we can. So after getting meat out of the diet we can add omega 3 oils to it. These are plant oils – the only reason fish oil has omega 3 oils in it is that fish either eat plants with omega 3 oils or eat smaller fish that eat plants! There's no point eating fish and exposing yourself to hazards from mercury pollution and much else besides if all you want is to get a good supply of omega 3 oil.

The richest source of omega 3 oil is flax and the best way to get it is to mix powdered flax seeds into your meals or smoothies. Eating flax seeds is fine but your body cannot get at the oil inside the seeds.

Budgies and other birds can, we can't!

And pouring flax oil on salads is OK if you can be certain that it is fresh and safe but after using flax oil for some years I doubted that it was as fresh as I wanted, so I shifted to using flax seed powder. This is safe and stable for months and has been tested in medical trials and proved effective.

Other anti-inflammatory supplements include vitamin D to boost bone strength and taking enough vitamin C. The latter not only strengthens collagen that gives our bone its strength but also strengthens the tendons and ligaments around the joints. Bones, tendons and ligaments are all made of collagen and all are “powered” by vitamin C. The mineral Silica helps too but vitamin C is primary.

You'll hear a lot about other supplements like glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin but they have a mixed record when put to the test. What is probably happening is that we need sulphur and if we are deficient they can fill that gap. A better way to get sulphur may be to either include onions and garlic in your diet or to use a garlic pill or else supplement with MSM, full name – Methyl Sulphonyl Methane which seems to work rather better.

Treatment: “If it ain't broke don't fix it”

This phrase is used a lot by engineers but it fits in with the Hippocratic rule of “First do no harm”. That implies that treatment by an Osteopath or Chiropractor should be minimal and gentle and treatment from Surgeons avoided if at all possible.

The first line of treatment is to gently move the joint and find out where there is pain or limitation. As much as is reasonable the joint needs to be moved around its normal arc and doing so will help drain the area of any inflammatory build up and bring fresh blood to the area to help heal the pain and or damage.

A massage around the joint is extremely helpful because it relaxes the muscles around the joint and reduces pressure and again helps circulation. Using a good oil will relax the muscles and I routinely use Olive oil – slightly warmed up but any oil will help relax muscles and take pressure off the joint.

The best oil by far is Castor Oil. It should only be used on the skin and for Castor Oil Packs and never taken by mouth. But massaging the oil on is easy and can be and should be done for as long as needed. Using a Castor Oil pack is good advice but does involve quite a time and much good can be had just by directly rubbing the oil on the skin above and below the joint.

Other ways to encourage relaxation is to use the minerals Magnesium and Potassium. Any good supplement will do but the absolute best is to use the Celloids range of minerals by Blackmores called PPMP.

By all logic PPMP should not be anything like as effective as it is but it is the nearest to a “Cure all” that I have ever found and is superb to help pain, muscular spasm and anxiety amongst many other issues.

Some healing technologies can be used as well. Cold laser can be very useful in dealing with hard to get at lesions. Ultrasound may play a role as well. Used as part of a holistic approach any non-invasive therapy can be helpful. Overall the strategy to work on Joints is to restore normal function and movement with anti-inflammatory diet, supplements and gentle hands on treatments.

Used appropriately these tactics can heal just about any joint problem whether the cause is arthritis, gout or accidents. And if a particular joint is stubbornly refusing to heal then some extra diagnosis is needed to find out if a nutritional or other factor is involved.

Trace mineral analysis may provide the needed info or “Muscle Testing” by a Qualified Kinesiologist may be needed to hunt down the confounding issue.

The body does heal itself but needs us to do some extra detective work sometimes. To get some details on the kind of diet recommended in the research on plant based diets the The China Study CookBook may be helpful.

Feel free to share your experience of joint problems below or on my Facebook page.

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7 Detox Tips for Successful Colon Cleansing

colon cleansingMany people greet the New Year with a burst of enthusiasm and a new resolve to start their health and fitness on a new footing. That's why Gyms start their year jam packed and only in February see who is there for the long run.

For some it's the Gym and for others their focus is on…the bathroom! Colon cleansing has received lots of attention over the last few years and has spread from circles of Naturopathy and herbal geeks to be much more mainstream.

Much of the writing though has been done without the benefit of expertise or experience so here I am pulling lots of useful info together – gathered from my experience of doing this stuff for 30 years and professional training in Nutritional therapy and Naturopathy.

So if Colon Cleansing is one of Your New Year Resolutions this is what you need to know

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Epsom Salt Bath For Detox

Epsom Salts well courtesy Bourne Hall MuseumI have used Epsom Salt as part of a Detox for many years. It is safe and pleasant and simple enough to use regularly as a normal part of self care.

There are 2 ways Epsom Salts have been used. One I recommend and one I do not!

When Epsom Salts were first discovered as a natural spring in Epsom in Southern England animals avoided the water so the locals carefully tried drinking the water to find out why.

Well, they found out pretty quick!

Usually the result was to vomit the entire contents of their stomach, and sometimes the salts gave them the "runs".

You'd think that this would die out pretty quick, but no, it turned into a craze. An entire industry formed around "Talking the waters" at Epsom and guest houses and businesses sprang up to cater for the influx of tourists.

Taking the salts by mouth is not recommended! If you are constipated then the best remedy is vitamin C at "high" doses, most people only get a few measly milligrams of vitamin C each day from their diets and supplements and they should be taking a few grams, typically 3 or 4 grams – it varies from individual to individual.

The vast majority of the population are in deep vitamin C deprivation and that single fact is responsible for many health problems – constipation being one of them.

Taking an Epsom Salt bath is the way I use Epsom Salts and I highly recommend it.

All you need is a cupful of Epsom Salts. I used to use more but frankly it is a waste of salts. Optionally add quarter or half a cup of baking soda.

That's it – it is the simplest Detox techniques you can use as much as you like that actually works.

Timing – put the salts in a comfortable hot bath and relax in it for as much as 20 minutes. Do not stay in the bath for longer because the relaxing effect of the salts is so powerful that you may difficulty getting out of the bath.

Please do not use any soap or bubbles or any other ingredients at this time or you will interfere with the action of the Salts.

There is magnesium in Epsom Salts which acts as a powerful relaxing agent so this is good routinely and in case of stress, tension or aches or pains.

There is also sulphur in the salts which when absorbed by your skin helps the liver in its work of detox.

Summing Up

For an Epsom Salt Bath you need

  • A bath or footbath
  • One cup of Epsom Salts and half a cup of baking soda
  • 20 minutes to relax and a few minutes to rinse off afterwards.

Especially recommended just before sleep!

Not many detox techniques can boast to be safe, simple, easy, enjoyable and effective but an Epsom Salts Bath can so try this out and let me know how you get on!

Note – even though you are not using Epsom Salts as an oral medicine, not if you take my advice anyway, it is best to get the "Pharmaceutical grade" of purity. Some Epsom salts is sold at household grade and while this may well be OK I've always gone for "medical grade". This is shown on the label as BP in the UK, USP in the US, EP in Europe and a similar abbreviation elsewhere.

Second point for savvy buying – rather than buy small boxes or bags from Pharmacies get a bulk order instead and you will be amazed at the price difference and the savings you will make.

You can try Amazon for this or just contact a bulk chemical supplier directly – ask them if they do pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate and do they deliver? They will have a minimum amount – some suppliers will not in small quantities like a 100 pounds or 50 kg but you'll find that some will, so persist because it's worth it.

Photo Credit Courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

Colon Health, Constipation and Cleansing

There's a lot of attention paid nowadays to colon cleansing and with good reason. The large intestine or colon acts as temporary storage for all our digested food and may have a considerable load of unhealthy bacteria and improperly digested foods.

It is also a vital crossroads for the lymphatic system and an important hub for the parasympathetic nervous system. 

And the colon, and the small intestines, are a major area where the nutrients in food are absorbed. 

So a healthy colon is a vital part of a healthy body!

But if the colon is not clean, it cannot fulfil this important task. 

And that's seriously bad news.

You might wonder what the word "clean" means in this context so let's make that clearer by discussing it's opposite which is constipation.

Don't worry –  I am not going to show you horrible photos of unhealthy stools – but again even in those who have no problem with effortless and of course painless bowel movements fail when it comes to how well formed or otherwise the stool itself is.

That is why constipation is probably the most widespread disorder in the world. You may think I'm exaggerating but think how many people have 2 or more effortless and healthy bowel movements a day?

So if you add up a few lifestyle elements like not drinking enough water, eating fast food with few vegetables and little to no greens together with little exercise and high stress you will have a perfect recipe for constipation and it is no surprise then to see almost everyone with constipation.

A results of that, in turn is that some of the gooey sticky mess in the colon can stick to and coat the inner lining of the colon.

This is delicately called "impacted faecal matter" and leads to a perfect environment for bad bacteria to breed and get access to the bloodstream.

At the least such bacteria in the colon may give you vomiting, diarrhoea and cramps.  They also compete with health giving friendly bacteria a condition called dysbiosis.

Because the colon is so central to our health the symptoms that you can experience when the colon is sick and functioning badly are many and varied.

Clearly the first one is constipation itself and then fatigue, headaches and PMS to list but a few.

How to Cleanse the Colon

There are several ways to clean the colon and the most obvious ones are to use direct washing techniques such as enemas and low pressure colonics.

Then we can help the colon to relax with magnesium supplements and most important of all vitamin C – a shortage of which is a major reason for constipation.

Finally a programme of gentle herbal teas containing mild doses of colon acting herbs such as cascara and Senna will further assist the cleanse.

After that it is important to use bacterial cultures by mouth and by direct implant to help the colon get back to health.

After that a series of daily stretching exercises such as the usual health yoga exercises will boost colon health even further.

You will feel a lot better, clearer and younger after you've done colon cleansing holistically.

One herb cannot achieve anything nor one technique or even one vitamin. It is the combination of these various methods balanced in a logical holistic manner where the power to regenerate your health resides.

And we can use it whenever we like!

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Holistc Alex