How to Make Holistic Detox a Part of Your Life

Concern about toxins in the environment is not a modern phenomenon. Ever since industrialisation factories have been producing waste and pollution along with their products.

When industrial pollution was obvious as in smoke stacks or foaming or discoloured rivers that provided an obvious signal that unacceptable shortcuts were being taken.

Modern industries often look a lot cleaner with fewer chimneys and less polluted rivers but often the pollutants are not visible so they do not call attention to themselves.

In many homes you will find chemical coatings on many household items that give rise to concern. Many fabrics have a chemical coating which has the purpose of resisting staining, many kitchen tools have “non stick” coatings and most painted surfaces emit a chemical cloud into the air.

All these and many other chemicals in our home environment find their way into the body as we breathe.

As time goes by the levels of these chemicals rise and may start to produce hormonal or neurological effects.

Mostly we are unaware of the effects of these toxins. We may feel fatigued and anxious and blame our daily commute or our boss.

They may well add to our burden but often it is the load of toxins we carry rather than our burden of responsibility that is responsible.

To sum it up nicely,

Environmental toxins hidden in our air, food and water are also hiding in us. Author unknown

At times of such fatigue and low energy we may wonder if we have an underlying problem and go to get a check up. Perhaps our thyroid is sluggish or our adrenals are “burnt out” by years of over work and under sleep.

And if we are given an “all clear” we may decide to take matters into our own hands and do a detox.

Of course there are many different types of Detox. In Nature Cure or Naturopathy a detox is accomplished holistically and according to the constitution of the individual.

But if we are doing a D-I-Y detox we need to choose a detox diet and a detox formula and a few detox techniques to make our own programme.

A Detox Diet

This needs to be clean and mild as well as nourishing. We cannot detox and eat junk food so we lose the sodas, sugar, and deep fried foods.


Some of the detox diet should be raw but vegetables soups being nutritious and emotionally satisfying are a healthy and important part of any diet – detox or not.

Add some mild foods such as steamed brown rice or quinoa and lightly cooked veggies and don’t get picky about recipes and you’ll enjoy it.

And if you have a juicer, then a daily green juice or green smoothie gives your whole detox diet a boost.

A Detox Formula

This is what does the “heavy lifting” in the liver and colon. Diet alone cannot do what the body needs in the complex process of detoxification. Special detox ingredients are required and they may be a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs.

There are many different detox formulas that are made up according to the views of particular Naturopaths and herbalists.

Of course some of this may conflict with any pharmaceutical drugs you many be taking and that needs a consultation with your health care professional.

If you go “D-I-Y” you are taking responsibility for all this!

Detox Techniques

You can give yourself quite a boost by adding one or more traditional cleansing techniques to your detox programme.

A brief sauna can help you both relax and sweat out some of your toxic load. If that is not possible then try an Epsom Salts bath. Skin brushing may encourage drainage and circulation and can be done as a regular part of daily life

Doing this regularly can be very helpful. You could spend one day a week as a rest and detox day – or maybe a detox weekend once a month. And of course in the spring we can do a Spring Clean of your homes and maybe follow that up with a Spring Detox for ourselves too.

A Holistic Detox need not be expensive or difficult – with a little forethought you can detox and have fun. Part of that can be to get a “Detox buddy” and perhaps detox at the same times and support each other. Journaling can be another way to add some depth to your detox.

Relaxation is an important part of any detox whether it is a D-I-Y approach or at a spa. Gentle Yoga workouts or other stretching exercises relieve tension and help us to de-stress from the daily tensions that can so easily get on top of us.

The whole point of a Holistic Detox is this all round balanced approach. We are more than a vessel that needs cleansing and detox is more than a way of removing toxins from your liver of colon, it can and should be an opportunity to “Reboot” our lives and bring more energy and a clearer vision to who we are and how we live.

AuthorAlex Newell ND

I'm Alex Newell and I am a Physicist who retrained as an Osteopath and Naturopath when my own health began to decline in my 30's. In fact I kept training and asking questions and began writing books and blogging over the last few years. The purpose of this blog, is to help those with an interest in Natural Health Care to improve their health and detox and chelate industrial chemicals out of the brain and body in a safe and effective way. Please feel free to ask questions and contact me

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