Helpful Lab Tests

Sometimes a laboratory test can shine a light onto a preplexing diagnosis and show just what you need to do next. So while not everyone may need a lab Test here are some of the important tests that you may want to consider. Remember that you may be able to get these done through your family Physician or Health Insurance at no extra charge too.

Vitamin D Blood level Test

There are a few labs where you can get this done and I list 3 here and a helpful video shot by the Vitamin D Council


Where The Labs Are

City Assays – this test is done in the Pathology Department of a Hospital. The procedure is to phone them and pay with your card and they will post a kit that you use to do the test and post the kit with a pin prick of your blood.

ZRT works in a similar way and is the Lab that you will use if you go via the Vitamin D Council. This testing kit is shown in the video.

New Century Diagnostics works via a website called Home Health Testing. The Vitamin D Council mentions that some of their users report that the test is a little difficult to use. Judge for yourself by watching the video below…

More info on these tests is on the Vitamin D Council website.



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