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Where to Start My Detox? Part 3 – After Colon Cleansing

Detox - step b y Step Where to Start My Detox? Is such an excellent question that it has taken 2 blog posts so far to answer it.

Part One is here and Part Two is here

We start Detox by raising the quality of our diet. We do this by increasing the number of Superfoods in our diet and decreasing the number of junk foods – by choosing to exclude junk foods such as sugar, sodas, fries and burgers.

So far, so good!

Then we focus on preparing ourselves for the Detox by healing the gut with a simple combo of gut healing foods, nutrients and herbs.

Only then can we successfully get down to detox.

We started in Part 2 with detoxing or cleansing the colon. My first choice for colon cleaning is the Robert Gray Colon Cleansing Programme.

Suppose you spend 2 months or longer doing that – what's next?

After Colon Cleansing…..

After detoxing the colon or even before – you decide how thoroughly you want to detox.

If you want a simple procedure that is easy to follow then you can just use a general detoxer such as Capra cleanse which is the simplest detox formula I have found with a credible combination of detox nutrients and herbs.

But if you want a thorough detox of the colon in particular then you start your detox with a colon cleanse and then move on to a detox of the Kidneys and Liver.

So you could decide to use the Robert Gray Colon Cleanse and then use Capra cleanse to detox your kidney and Liver.

Or you could use the extremely thorough detox programme designed by Jon Barron which has a number of detox teas and tinctures which focus in turn on the colon, then the kidney and then in the liver.

You don't often see these options spelled out like this because these decisions are generally made in a 1 on 1 with a Naturopath.

There are other options too – which I have discussed in my detox books.

There are some people who just want the most thorough, deep and far reaching detox they can get and there are other people who want the simplest option they can find.

I have tried to find a way of providing the way forward for each type but it gets a little complicated sometimes that's for sure.

If you have never done a detox before I'd suggest you consider doing the Robert Gray and follow it up with Capra cleanse.

And if you have extra questions about Detox feel free to ask them in a comment at the end of this post.

And if you have a Detox method that you think I should have covered do share it!


How To Do a Lung Detox

embroidery on yellow cloth of a picture of 2 lungsThe lungs are the Cinderella of the world of detox. Loads of attention goes to detoxing the liver or the colon but who talks about detoxing the lungs?  

This is odd really because they are obviously crucial to our health and our survival and they are always busy taking in oxygen from the air and expelling carbon dioxide.

Along with the air we breathe come toxins – smoke, particles and pollen.

The lungs are "Front line" organs just like the stomach they bear the brunt of the environment hitting them.

And when that environment has toxins from exhaust smoke, tobacco smoke or particulates from construction or other industrial activity the lungs show the signs of damage which of course we do not see!

Detoxifying your lungs starts with "Removing the Cause"

We start to cure any disease or remedy any condition by stopping it getting worse. In Naturopathy this is summed up as, "Remove the cause". Whether that means using an air filter or ceasing to smoke without cutting the intake of toxins detox cannot start.

If the toxins are from tobacco products and you cannot stop then consider using nicotine patches. Yes nicotine is a toxin but breaking the habit to smoke is crucial since it stops the act of lighting up and breathing the combustion products and smoke and it stops further damage to the lungs.

It is because the lungs have such tremendous over capacity for our normal lives that people can lose lung function by smoking for year after year before it becomes obvious to them how damaging smoking really is.

To Detox the lungs we need to realise that toxins do not sit meekly in the lungs doing nothing. Toxins cause trouble and the trouble usually means inflammation.

More trouble comes in the tension felt as the lungs and surrounding muscles limit further intake of toxins by tensing up making it harder to breath.

And when you struggle to breathe you panic.

About now would be good time to start healing your lungs, so let's get going with these Top 10 Steps to Detox your lungs.

Lung Detox – 10 Action Steps

1. Reduce all the exposure to particles.pollen and animal dander that you can. This simply adds to the burden the lungs carry all day and night. At the very least keep your sleeping area scrupulously dust and animal free.

2. Reduce allergic foods in your diet. A dietrich in greens and other superfoods will supercharge you with thevitality that your lungs are struggling to provide.

3.Blood sugar control is essential. Sugar must be removed from your diet along with fruit juices. When your blood sugar is doing a roller coaster your blood is flooded with adrenaline and cortisol making it hard or impossible to relax and breath normally.

4.Stress control is the other side of controlling blood sugar. Do all you can to reduce the pressure on you and your lifestyle. Nothing is more important than restoring full function of your lungs!


5.Now would be the time to learn to breath properly and yes I know that sounds odd. Babies always breath properly – you can see their belly move when they breath. We should just copy them! When you breath in the belly should push out and when you relax on the breathing out your belly should just relax back into place. This is usually the opposite of what most people do and is why we do not relax and flow into nature– we are fighting our natural way of breathing. Any gentle yoga class will help you get to breath properly.

6.While we are talking about Yogis,drinking " BreatheDeep" Yogi Tea regular will help the lungs heal. It is acaffeine free herbal tea that will help you.

7. A superfood that works powerfully on the lungs is garlic. Garlic pills also work and should be taken daily. If anyone accuses you of garlic breath encourage them to take the Garlic pills too. And make some new friends while you are at it-ones that eat garlic!

8. Help your adrenals. Lung congestion andtoxicity beat the hell out of your adrenal glands so that they need help so that your lungs can heal. The simplest way to help your adrenals is to take Siberian Ginseng for a few months. Other ginsengs are fine – all of them work on restoring and healing the body.

9. Saunas and "face saunas" or Steam may be very helpful in relaxing the lungs and helping to liquefy and mobilise toxic deposits in the lungs.

10. Anti-inflammatory supplements such asomega 3 oil and vitamin C are essential to reduce the inflammationin the lungs. You will need much higher doses than usual. I take 3 to 5 grams of vitamin C a day normally and when dealing with health issues I would typically double my dosage.

Even seasoned detoxers often ignore the lungs. These 10 tips to clear out lung congestion and inflammation will go a long way to help you detox your lungs.

You might then want to move on to Detox your colon.


In most traditional medical systems there is a close relationship between the health of your lungs and the health of the colon. It could well be that a colon cleanse would be the best action to support your newly detoxed lungs.

In either case I wish you Happy Detoxing!

Reaources Hey Paul Studios for the Lungs Image