Can You Detoxify Your Body through a Detox Foot Patch?

Before we can judge whether or not it is possible or advisable to use Detox Foot Patches we need to be clear about detox. First of all, detox is real, it is a genuine process and it happens every day in all of us. We have several body systems that help detox us such as the digestive system and the immune and lymphatic systems. And we have major detox organs too such as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and colon.Continue reading… Can You Detoxify Your Body through a Detox Foot Patch?

Is Psyllium Any Good for Detox?

I first came across Psyllium husks as part of the Robert Grey Colon Cleansing program. The Robert Grey Colon Cleansing is a superb way of gently helping your body detox and can be the first step in any full body detox. The Psyllium husks are powdered and must be mixed with an adequate amount of water. Then it swells up and frankly looks pretty unappealing I must say, but since there is little to no taste, is quite easy toContinue reading… Is Psyllium Any Good for Detox?

Alcohol Detox and Addiction – Some Overlooked Factors

Are you getting  signals that you need to take a break from alcohol? The signals don't arrive by SMS but in your feelings. So if you drink alcohol every day or are feeling run down, fatigued and having symptoms such as aching muscles or digestive problems then a detox hint can be decoded from the signals. With daily use or occasional binging, harm is being done to the brain and to the liver, stomach and kidneys. Like a boxer gettingContinue reading… Alcohol Detox and Addiction – Some Overlooked Factors

How to Make Holistic Detox a Part of Your Life

Concern about toxins in the environment is not a modern phenomenon. Ever since industrialisation factories have been producing waste and pollution along with their products. When industrial pollution was obvious as in smoke stacks or foaming or discoloured rivers that provided an obvious signal that unacceptable shortcuts were being taken. Modern industries often look a lot cleaner with fewer chimneys and less polluted rivers but often the pollutants are not visible so they do not call attention to themselves. InContinue reading… How to Make Holistic Detox a Part of Your Life

Review of the Whole Body Cleanse Kit

The Whole Body Cleanse by Enzymatic is a detox program designed for a 10 day detox. There are 3 parts to this kit. Detox Activation, Acidophilus Pearls and Fiber Fusion all 3 of which are trademarked terms. Let's look at each in turn… Detox Activation (tablets)  – this is the guts of the program really because it has the detox herbs that will do the heavy lifting of dealing with the toxins that are the target of the program. TheContinue reading… Review of the Whole Body Cleanse Kit

Choosing a Colon Cleansing Diet

Much attention these days in the Detox world is paid to colon cleansing programs and diets and the vexed question of what is a good colon cleansing diet comes up again and again. With colon cleansing being the natural starting point for detoxification in any health program this is to be expected. While there is no one diet that will work for everyone there are some clear principles in detoxing that we can use to guide us in choosing aContinue reading… Choosing a Colon Cleansing Diet

Detoxin – Is This the Detox Formula For You?

Detoxin is a detox formula that I recently noticed online. I have no experience of using it but I thought it may be useful to look at the ingredients and reflect on the claims made for it. Speaking of which here are some claims from the website… Flatten the midsection & reduce the waistline † Assist in weight loss † Detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate your body's filtration system-liver, gallbladder & kidneys † Relief from temporary bloating † Improve immune functionContinue reading… Detoxin – Is This the Detox Formula For You?

What is a Holistic Detox?

Every year thousands of people decide to do a detox. Often this is after some seasonal over indulgence so it forms part of a New Year Resolution. Sometimes the detox is more to do with the damaging effects of industrial toxicity and sometimes it is part of an addiction programme. In each case detox means removing toxins from the body but the methods used vary a lot. You may receive treatment by intravenous chelation only (an injection) or take partContinue reading… What is a Holistic Detox?