Toxins in Your Teeth ?

If like most of us you have Mercury Fillings – also known as Silver fillings or "Amalgam" then you too have Toxins in your teeth. Mercury really is a neurotoxin and studies have shown that it leaks out of teeth – especially when we chew. That the mercury they use is toxic has been denied by Dentists for decades. How they managed to do this and not get "regulated" by Government Health and Safety legislation is complex but it doesContinue reading… Toxins in Your Teeth ?

Detoxing Your Body

Detoxing is a natural and normal activity of the liver and of other organs and systems in the body. This means that when we wish to detoxify our body we need to take a look at how the body detoxes naturally and then do what we can to assist that process. Some people think because we detox naturally we don't need to do any detoxing ourselves. This is like saying that because we eat naturally that we don't need toContinue reading… Detoxing Your Body

Healthy Cookware – How to Choose Non-toxic Cookware

In the same way that all food should be safe food, all cookware should be safe too. The possibility that toxins from a pan are getting into my food or the food of anyone I cook for gives me the horrors. But the fact is that some pans are toxic and some cookware is safe or at least safer. So I want to lay out some basic advice so that you can look at the pans and other cookware youContinue reading… Healthy Cookware – How to Choose Non-toxic Cookware

Is the Acai Berry Detox a Breakthrough Technique or a Super Scam?

Used by Amazonian villagers as a traditional food the Acai Berry burst upon the World in 2004 in a blaze of publicity. As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I have a wide knowledge of plants and foods and that includes berries but I had never heard of this Acai Berry or the Acai Berry Detox and did not even know how to pronounce it at first! What we did not know back then is that multilevel marketing companies had Acai BerryContinue reading… Is the Acai Berry Detox a Breakthrough Technique or a Super Scam?

Are Detox Foot Patches the Easy Way to Detox?

In a controversial area such as detox this is probably the most controversial method that I have ever seen. Detox foot patches also called detox foot pads are fitted to the soles of your feet as you sleep overnight. When the pads are removed in the morning they are claimed to have absorbed toxins from your body. They are often found to be smelly and discoloured. You will find a lot of mixed opinions on this. Certainly the procedure isContinue reading… Are Detox Foot Patches the Easy Way to Detox?