Vitamin K, Strong Bones and Healthy Ageing

Although discovered in 1929 it was not until 1943 that a Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of vitamin K. The K in Vitamin K stands for “coagulation” or “Koagulation” as spelled in the Danish and German speaking areas in which the research was done and published. And it refers to the ability of the blood to clot as part of the healing process that happens naturally when you cut yourself. But the way in which vitamin K worksContinue reading… Vitamin K, Strong Bones and Healthy Ageing

How to make your immune system Smarter

I have been learning about vitamin D for years and one of the experts that has taught me the most is Dr John Cannell who founded the Vitamin D Council. In this short interview he talks about the role and power of vitamin D and on its role in optimising the immune system. A "must watch" 🙂   To test your blood level of your vitamin D check out my Helpful Lab' Tests page and to check out my recommendedContinue reading… How to make your immune system Smarter

Vitamin D – Do you add the “Sunshine Vitamin” to Your Day?

Adding sunshine to your day is an attractive idea and in our ABC of vitamins we've got to vitamin D which is often called “The sunshine vitamin”. Truth be told, vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a hormone. That was not known in the early days when the vitamins were being discovered so now we have the slightly absurd situation where a vitamin is not a vitamin – it sounds like a teaser but it really is true.Continue reading… Vitamin D – Do you add the “Sunshine Vitamin” to Your Day?

Trauma and Stress in Cancer

One of the early theories of the causation of cancer is the intrusion of a trauma into your life. Yes there are issues with pollution and toxins but without trauma and stress inhibiting your Immune system and detoxification system your body can handle the toxins – especially when you get proper dietary help from an expert. In the video Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer and Dr Patrick Vickers from the Northern Baja Gerson Centre discuss this often neglected issue

Beyond the ABC of Using Vitamins – Natural or Synthetic Vitamins?

In the previous post we looked at the ABC of Vitamins, their odd sounding names, the dosage we should take and at the whole issue of Official recommendations for our health. The next step is to get more details about the vitamins in our food and to do that we'll go back to vitamin C again. You can buy this as a powder to mix with water or as a tablet. Powdered vitamin C mixes well with water or juiceContinue reading… Beyond the ABC of Using Vitamins – Natural or Synthetic Vitamins?

Do You Know the ABC…of Vitamins?

Funny enough, when we learn our ABCs we might say “A is for Apple, B is for Berry, C is for Cherry…but we don't learn about vitamins A, B or C until many years later, if at all. This means that we have only a hazy idea of how important they are to us or where they comes from or even what they are. That stops here because today I want to fill in the gap left by our schoolingContinue reading… Do You Know the ABC…of Vitamins?

Hot Yoga and Toxins

I started reading about and then practising Yoga around 1966. At first I was intrigued by what to me looked like some pretty odd pictures and somehow got drawn in and did what every book tells you NOT to do which is learn the Yoga Exercises from the books. As time went by moved my Yoga Practise to Meditation but still did some asanas. That's been the case ever since. When I heard of "Yoga in a Hot Room" IContinue reading… Hot Yoga and Toxins

Superfoods And Their Use To Treat Cancer

Superfoods got some attention today in the National Press. Seems that someone chose to follow a superfood diet rich in juices, salads and green leafy vegetables rather than take the cancer drug recommended by their Doctor! She got well – that was the story. This is pretty common really so I'm unsure exactly why the newspapers featured her. But rather than mull over the unique features of her case let's look at the whole superfood angle. All foods have nutrientsContinue reading… Superfoods And Their Use To Treat Cancer