3 Steps to Purification: Cleanse, Detox, Chelate

In one word we focus in this blog on “purification” the process of ridding your body and brain of the thousands of industrial chemicals in our air, water and food supply.

We have 3 main ways to do this

Cleansing: People have felt the need to cleanse and purify themselves since ancient times using streams, natural geysers and hot baths.

Detox They also added the use of healing plants to help us detox the liver and other organs with herbs such as milk thistle.

Chelation : More recently scientists have created ways of purging the body and brain of mercury and aluminium which we receive in Medical and Dental treatment. We focus on Oral chelation as the safe method to remove dangerous metals from the central nervous system and other systems in the body.

Much nonsense is circulated on these subjects and one purpose of this blog is to clear away the nonsense and the confusion from the practical point of view of a Naturopath.

I trained in Physics initially and taught Collage Physics and Maths for years. In my mid 30s my health deteriorated due to a mix of overwork and probably poor nutrition. My efforts to heal myself resulted in learning how to help others and courses on Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, NLP and Iridology.

Eventually I qualified in Osteopathy and Naturopathy and kept on learning! I found that Nutritional therapy is not enough for us to regain our health. Our planet is so enormously polluted that we need to enhance the natural detox ability of the body with efficient detox systems and in particular, chelation. There is no other way to target Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium especially to remove them from the brain.

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