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CoQ10 – The Ubiquitous Enzyme That Powers Your Heart

coenzyme q10I knew something big had happened when I saw that my patient was taking 100 mg of CoQ10.

At the time the normal dose was 30 mg, a number arrived at with cost in mind rather than being the best dose.

So, I thought, the Japanese company who had pioneered the production had ramped up volume somehow and pulled the price down!

This was seriously good news.


Because CoQ10 is a crucial nutrient with many exciting health building benefits in the body but it was new to the supplement industry and they were struggling with producing the amount needed at anything like an affordable price.

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The Abnormal Psychology of Eating Meat

Throughout history most people whatever country they live in have based their diet on a small number of starchy vegetables or grains. So in pre-Columbian America corn was the staple and in South America it was corn in some places and quinoa or potatoes in others. In Europe the staples were barley and oats with buckwheat in Central Europe. In the East of course rice is the major food.

In the last 100 years however, there has been a huge increase in the eating of meat, from the situation where it was rare or unusual to the present moment where it is almost the staple and central food. This has not happened by chance or by science, in fact science would have us all follow a plant based diet so this drive is psychological. It is deeper than a fad or fashion but it surely is an unconscious and abnormal drive.

This video covers and discusses this drive to eat meat and explores it's motives. I found it both educative and challenging and I recommend you set aside the time and dig in. A segment of the video is very challenging but the speaker signposts it carefully and you can avoid it if needed ( I did!)

Oats As a Heathy Alternative to Wheat

oatsHaving a Scottish Mother there was no way I could have escaped oats for breakfast or Barley soup, called "Scotch Broth" by some, nor would I want to!

So you might think that I'm biased when I write about oats, 🙂

And having had my yummy oat porridge breakfast this morning I realised that in our series of wheat alternatives we come to oats.

Oats are a very widespread crop being grown in the Middle East, Europe and Russia and are particularly associated with Scottish culture and cuisine…

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Can You Be Healthy But Still be Overweight?

overweight but still healthy? Nope!Of course this whole question rests on how you define overweight and how you define healthy. If you find that you are gaining weight year on year and you keep having to buy bigger sizes that is clearly a problem. You are storing too much and not burning enough and your blood sugar control is under stress. You are probably in pre-diabetes or actual diabetes. You may be told that you have "metabolic syndrome" and that is simply a summary of this whole paragraph

In general the metabolic approach is a good one. I'd only add an inflammation factor to the mix.

If you depart from the traditional approach of all peoples around the world and eat a high meat diet – whether that is Atkins or Paleo or other fad diet then you expect your C-reactive protein numbers to rise and a slow build up to a chronic inflammatory disease. You can get your CRP checked very easily from a simple blood test and it is a million times more important than knowing your blood type or your cholesterol numbers.

What matters is not an amount of sugar in your blood or an amount of cholesterol for that matter. Cholesterol is made by your liver, it really is not the problem that it has been made out to be. But if your cholesterol is oxidised then THAT is a problem because it shows inflammation.

And that is why you need your CRP info – because inflammation is the root cause behind, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and heart disease and many more chronic problems.

Forget your weight and just aim for a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet.

That kind of diet will pull your weight down fast and easy and will normalise your cholesterol numbers and more important – the inflammatory processes in your body.

Inflammation is good! It is part of our immune system but needs to be monitored so that we can take steps to stay healthy

"Overweight" itself is a sign that your diet is not working and you need a diet makeover! But get it from an expert Naturopath or Nutritionist and not from random websites with articles written by so called "Health Journalists"



Rice – The Second Mother to The World.

green field of riceIn this series of alternatives to Wheat we come now to a grain that is a staple and central food to more than half of the world's population.

Rice was first grown and cultivated in China over 8,000 years ago from where it spread to India, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

The seeds of the rice plant first need to be dehulled or dehusked and once this is done the rice seeds are a wholefood and at their most nutritious.

The nutritional content is huge and like many fruits and vegetables is largely absent from the Nutrition label! All we get there if we are lucky is a brief list of some minerals and vitamins but the thousands of valuable and powerfully healthy healing phytonutrients are routinely ignored!

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