Detox From Alcohol And Other Drugs

Alcohol is a socially accepted drug and has been for thousands of years. It is such an integral part of so many people's lives that we don't realise how big a presence it has.   When legislators make new policies and frame new initiatives against the increasing use of recreational drugs they disapprove of such as cannabis or so called Dance Drugs I imagine they then go to the bar and relax with an alcoholic drink afterwards – satisfied withContinue reading… Detox From Alcohol And Other Drugs

Is Bio-Detox the Right Detox Supplement for You?

One of the main messages made very strongly here the Natural Detox Blog is that Detox cannot be accomplished just by drinking pure water or green juices or by following any particular diet – however good the diet is. And if you are wondering why this is so – the answer is very simple – and it is because detox processes going on in the liver and elsewhere in the body need extra supplements to get them going and detoxifyContinue reading… Is Bio-Detox the Right Detox Supplement for You?

Blackmores Detox Kit – a Review

Blackmores are a well respected Australian Company founded 70 years ago by Naturopath Maurice Blackmore. I have used their products for years both for my own health and used them in my Clinic too. Patients found them to be effective but I have not seen this product before or used it. So let's look the ingredients of this detox kit designed as a 10 day program to cleanse 5 organs  – and size it up! Blackmores Detox Review – What'sContinue reading… Blackmores Detox Kit – a Review

Is Bentonite Clay Good For Detox?

Bentonite is one of the clays commonly used in Naturopathic and medical treatment as well as in cosmetics and beauty products. Healing clays are used all over the world and have been for thousands of years, the clay having a varying mineral content depending on where is it collected. So the clay you buy may be red showing its high iron content. Or green showing a high plant content. One problem with clay is the high aluminium ( or aluminumContinue reading… Is Bentonite Clay Good For Detox?

Natural Asthma Remedies – The Detox Connection

It is Monday morning and I sit down to blog about Detox. Having just finished the writing of my Detox book I expected to write some more along those lines – food, the digestive system, detox and so on. An article in the latest issue of the "Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients" got my attention though. The article written by Ingrid Kohlstadt MD,MPH calls attention to Asthma and to factors we tend to overlook and that are tied inContinue reading… Natural Asthma Remedies – The Detox Connection