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Can You Detoxify Your Body through a Detox Foot Patch?

Before we can judge whether or not it is possible or advisable to use Detox Foot Patches we need to be clear about detox.

First of all, detox is real, it is a genuine process and it happens every day in all of us. We have several body systems that help detox us such as the digestive system and the immune and lymphatic systems.

And we have major detox organs too such as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and colon.

There are a lot of body resources invested in detox.

And that means that it is important that the natural processes we have to detoxify us run smoothly!

If they do not then toxins which should be eliminated from the body will build up and usually that means that the toxins which are not and cannot be eliminated are stored in the fatty tissues all through the body.

We can think of this as a giant (no offense intended) pending tray. So a lot of the problem with losing fat comes from issues the body faces with detoxifying the toxins in the fat.

If the body cannot deal with the toxins it cannot lose the fat or the weight. This is a major issue with stubborn weight loss and the only way to deal with it successfully and avoid yoyo dieting and the weight loss and weight gain cycle is to detoxify properly

Then and only then can weight loss that is any more than water loss occur in a healthy way.

That is the broad brush picture for detox, now we ask can detox patches add to that in any way?

First of all the patches also called pads resemble a small dressing or bandage. The "heavy lifting" if there is any would be done by the herbal mix in the pad.

So this is just like a poultice.

In traditional herbal treatment a cloth may be soaked in a herbal infusion and then applied to any area or part of the body that you wish to treat.

Nothing new in principle then.

It is the ingredients of the herbal mix that we need to look at now. Since I have not bought a foot patch I will reply on various online sources and what I get is the following…

Wood vinegar or bamboo vinegar

Chitosan from the shell of a crab

Herbs – vary by manufacturer – lavender, cayenne, raspberry

Tourmaline or Amethyst

The only thing that puzzles me here is the inclusion of Tourmaline and Amethyst, both semi-precious stones.

I guess the amount is small or they would cost a small fortune but I can't find anything that makes sense to me about why they are used.

I notice references to negative ions and infra red rays that I find not just unconvincing but plain silly. Before I trained in Naturopathy I was  a Physicist and loose talk of "healing rays" raises my scepticism!

Why treat or Detox the Feet when you have the whole body to choose from?

The usual answer refers to the treatment points on the soles of the feet.

These points can be used by Acupressure and Acupuncture practitioners as well Reflexologists and Kinesiologists.

No argument from me about the power of stimulating points on the feet and throughout the whole body frankly.

The power of these points is only denied by those who have not used them.

My question is can these pads, patches also called sap sheets do this?

Here is a fellow Naturopath, Dr. Group, who is sure they do – so sure in fact that he manufactures or at least supplies them.

Last Words

Detox is itself, rather amazingly to me, a controversial subject. Detox patches along with detox foot baths are probably the most controversial devices or techniques within the area of detox.

For me the jury is still out on both of them. I know too much about detox to flat out say that they cannot work and I have not myself tried them out to see if they do work.

They may in time find a place in Natural Medicine alongside Epsom Salts baths, Castor Oil Packs and Poultices.

There is a free downloadable PDF ebook called Miracle Patches from the website HealthMarvels

And more info at Dr. Group's website Global Healing Center

Meanwhile I am interested in your response, and experience so do comment on your use of foot pads and patches…

Is Psyllium Any Good for Detox?

I first came across Psyllium husks as part of the Robert Grey Colon Cleansing program.

The Robert Grey Colon Cleansing is a superb way of gently helping your body detox and can be the first step in any full body detox.

The Psyllium husks are powdered and must be mixed with an adequate amount of water. Then it swells up and frankly looks pretty unappealing I must say, but since there is little to no taste, is quite easy to take.

Psyllium seeds and husks have been used since ancient times in the Naturopathic medical tradition of India, Ayurveda, as part of overall detox treatments.

More recently Psyllium and more specifically psyllium husks have been incorporated in colon cleansing products and even in high fibre foods

The effect of using Psyllium may be compared to having a gentle sponge going through the intestines. In particular since psyllium is fibre it is not digested by the stomach or small intestine and arrives in the colon or large intestine intact.

it is important to take psyllium husk drinks between meals or the psyllium and water gel will absorb the nutrients of the meals and push them out of the body.

Another practical point is that you will feel very full when using Herbal colon cleansing using psyllium and find that your appetite is reduced. Because psyllium husks absorb a lot of water and swell you will notice the difference in your midriff, but you will quickly lose the bulge when you stop the programme!

The effect of the Psyllium itself may be compared to a poultice. The psyllium is a moist herbal application just like a bandage or cloth soaked in a herbal formula. The gentle healing effect on the lining of the large intestine is anti-inflammatory and cleansing.

And doing this for several weeks, which is typical for what we might call, "Psyllium Therapy" can have a major healing effect on a colon suffering from parasite damage or poor diet.

Psyllium is not a silver bullet, healing is about holistic treatment and not isolated remedies however good they are. But Psyllium used along side detox herbs and supplements designed to support the liver, kidneys and lymph is a powerful part of a thorough full body detoxification.

And if you think that drinking a mix of psyllium and water unappealing then start with a very small amount of powder and slowly get up to the recommended amount. And try mixing it with tomato juice that's my favourite way to take my Psyllium.



Alcohol Detox and Addiction – Some Overlooked Factors

Are you getting  signals that you need to take a break from alcohol?

The signals don't arrive by SMS but in your feelings. So if you drink alcohol every day or are feeling run down, fatigued and having symptoms such as aching muscles or digestive problems then a detox hint can be decoded from the signals.

With daily use or occasional binging, harm is being done to the brain and to the liver, stomach and kidneys.

Like a boxer getting back into the ring every day, you might be denying that any harm is happening.

The boxer is taking the damage and getting, "punch drunk" while you may be denying the damage and getting "alcohol drunk".

Every part of the body is involved when alcohol is consumed simply because it gets into the blood stream and all of the the alcohol (or other drug) really ends up in the liver.

The Liver is the central organ for detox so it has to grab every molecule of alcohol it can and convert it to a less harmful molecule which is not going to cause any damage to the body.

Cycling each tiny amount of alcohol through a process of chemical transformation is complicated and we can do it but it comes at a cost.

For every molecule of alcohol to be detoxed and transformed nutrient molecules have to be used.

When you bake a cake you need flour and water and other ingredients and when you detox you need multiple vitamins especially B complex and minerals as well as protein for amino acids to help deal with the alcohol.

When "alcoholics" are taken to a facility "to detox" they are simply left to recover from the effects of drinking too much and not given any help to process the alcohol through their system. This is often wrongly called a detox or detoxification centre.

Really this is just a "drying out" or recovery centre. Then they'll start all over again.

Real detox is a careful step by step process where the nutrients the liver and the rest of the body, need are provided.

In addition when working with an addiction, emotional and spiritual support and counselling is required. Addiction is not just a habit or a fad, it is a sign that something deeper is missing from the person's life. If the addicted person – and I don't like the word, "patient", or "user",  is helped to gain insight and helped either with Cognitive Behaviour therapy or many other possible awareness therapies then they have a chance of putting the addiction behind them for good.

Addiction is a sign that something is missing and until that is addressed the addict is vulnerable to a downward slide to deeper levels of trouble and damage to their life.

Notional therapy is essential to work with the physical aspects of the problems but counselling and awareness is important to work with the non  physical part of addiction.

Have you put an addiction behind you? How did you do it?