Toxins and The Death of Bees

It is a deadly combination of natural pests and unnatural toxins that is destroying millions of bees Please share :-)

Bisphenol A and How You Can Limit Its Health Risks

Bisphenol A often called BPA is a widely discussed chemical that has been causing concern and even alarm since the 1990s. The worries focus on the ability of the BPA molecule to trigger hormone pathways in the body. So the popular press has used the word, “gender bender” to describe some of the effects of …

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Get Happy With Recycling Textiles


Recycling textiles sounds quaint, unlike recycling electronics which sounds obvious – all those precious metals that can be used again and many toxic substances which we don't want in landfill where they can pollute the water table and outgas greenhouse gases. Turns out that the same considerations come up for textiles too. After all textiles …

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Why Is It? Asks This 9 Year Old

David Bissonette seems an interesting lad. He starts his talk at a Rally against Monsanto by asking lots of powerful questions. Please share :-)

After a Diagnosis of Cancer…

Fear is the usual response to a diagnosis of Cancer. Even though other diseases may actually be a bigger threat and Cancer has such a grip on our imagination. The Cancer establishment offers and mandates only 3 ways to respond to Cancer and they are Surgery, Treatment with Cancer causing chemicals and treatment with Cancer …

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Air Pollution and Our Health – What Can We Do?

Los Angeles at Dawn

I have been breathing polluted air and reading about air pollution all my life. And of course old news is no news at all. This post is not so much about the facts of air pollution or its causes but about what we can do about it. Setting the scene – I want you to …

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Air Pollution and Disease: Can Air Filters Help?

air pollution causing smog in the city

Pollution is not just ugly and smelly; It is a serious health issue too. And it is not just about causing and exacerbating lung disease and sinus problems, but much more seriously there is now evidence that air pollution is a powerful factor in the causation of ADHD, autism and infertility. We got to see …

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What do the B complex vitamins do? | The ABCs of Vitamins

You know by now if you have been following this series on The ABCs of the Vitamins that vitamins come in different forms and that is especially true of the B vitamins. There are several of them… It started with Thiamine There was a widespread disease amongst sailors and prisoners – that is amongst people …

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